Why organize processes for creative teams?

Why organize your creative team

When we talk about process management for creative works, especially on Marketing, one concern that’s often mentioned is that it will limit the team’s autonomy and, therefore, its creativity.

Although valid, this fear is not real: process management, in fact, helps the team to be more productive. When your team has a clear workflow, it can spend more time creating, writing, and designing, rather than navigating through incomplete requests or waiting on approvals.

Here are some of the main reasons.

Why you should consider organizing processes for creative teams

Better collaboration

In a Marketing team, different people usually have different functions, and they all collaborate to achieve a common goal.

For example, if we’re talking about building a landing page, you’ll probably have at least a copywriter and a designer. At bigger companies, this team may also include an SEO specialist, a web designer, and a copy reviewer. Not to mention the marketing manager that will approve the project.

When you don’t have a clear process, there may be some delay between the parts, since there’s no proper flow. The designer might find it hard to prioritize their tasks; the manager’s feedback might get lost in emails, and someone might forget which version of the copy is the last.

Realistic due dates

We know inspiration takes time. But how long is it, exactly? Without a workflow, it might get hard to measure the time needed to complete a task from end-to-end.

On the other hand, using software to manage your processes allows you to keep track of the time needed to complete each step of every demand. So, it’s easy to prioritize and give the internal clients and managers a realistic due date for the final delivery.

Organization helps everyone

Do you know when you want to complete a task, but emails keep coming into your mailbox, there are a thousand open tabs on your browser, and there are sketches and notes in your desk about other tasks you also need to deliver today? It probably makes you feel very unproductive.

When you have a process management tool, you can focus on the most critical tasks and make sure all new demands are waiting for you when you’re done. By having full visibility of what everyone’s doing and in which step each request is, you can better control your own work and get plenty of extra time to produce more.

Improved communication with stakeholders

There’s nothing worse than spending time doing a job, and, when sending it to approval, the internal client says that your delivery is not what they asked for.

When you have a structured way to receive requests, all of them come with the correct information from the beginning. You won’t have to pause your creative sprint to call the requester and ask what size they want the illustration, for example, if this information is mandatory when opening a ticket.

How to get started?

If you’re convinced of the benefits of using a process management platform, I got a great one to recommend to you: Pipefy, of course! But if you’re still wary, take a look at many other reasons why Pipefy is helpful for Marketing teams.

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