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How Pipefy Works

Pipefy empowers you to quickly deploy workflows for excellent service delivery. From request creation to execution and reporting, gain efficiency in processes like HR case management, purchasing and customer onboarding.

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Receive requests through multiple channels

Pipefy makes it easy for customers, employees, and vendors to ask for what they need and ensures you'll always receive all the necessary information to process demands throughout your entire process. These requests can be created both manually and automatically through:

Create workflows in minutes, insights in seconds

Pipefy AI creates custom processes instantly; all you have to do is ask! Increase your decision-making power by requesting data and information to reveal trends and strategic insights.

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Streamline your execution with smart workflows

Design the entire experience and achieve error-proof execution with no-code automation, efficient approval flows, precise communication and integrated apps and software. Leverage a user-friendly interface to navigate through the steps of your workflows.

Measure, optimize and report your results

Leverage customizable analytics to deeply understand your team's performance, find bottlenecks and get actionable insights to continuously optimize your processes and gain even more efficiency.

Customize your dashboards to keep track of your team's KPIs

Easily choose what data you want to pull from your workflows and translate it into different chart formats. Never overlook metrics like time to hire, NPS, dollars spent and billable hours again.

Use data visualization to spot improvement opportunities

Leverage Dashboards to stay on top of the operation, spot bottlenecks and continuously improve your processes. Gain efficiency, save costs and show better results.

Now think of what Pipefy can do for you

The possibilities are endless. With a highly customizable, no/low-code platform, you can easily streamline your workflows. We’ll help you get started with these flexible, pre-built workflows: