Gartner – How to Navigate the Application Platforms Market Including Cloud-Native, Low-Code and SaaS [2021]

The right application platform adoption can help you drive greater productivity and agile delivery of modern composable digital business initiatives. Find out how to navigate the modern Application Platforms Market in this 2021 Gartner report.

Gartner – Market Guide for Intelligent Business Process Management Suite [2020]

Pipefy has been named a Representative Vendor in Gartner’s Nov/20 report: Intelligent Business Process Management Suites.

Recruitment Process Guide: Never Again Lose that Star Candidate

Learn the steps to create an efficient recruiting process and hire the talent that will drive your business forward.

The Hands-on Guide for Marketers: How to Optimize Processes to Increase ROI

In this guide, you will see how the best marketing teams standardize processes and automate repetitive tasks to focus on what really matters: creativity, results, and improving ROI, of course.

The Hands-On Finance Process Guide: How to Stop Wasting Money

When it comes to corporate finance, the old saying -- An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. -- has real impact, and it's measured in dollars. The key is to find the preventive measures that work. Learn more.

The Essential Employee Journey Guide

In the Employee Journey Guide, you will learn how to improve Human Resources processes. Employee Journey is defined as all events from when a person sees a job offer until their last day working for your company.

How Bringing Structure to your Marketing Team Leverages Creativity

Here you'll learn how to measure creativity, roadblocks that be easily avoided, the difference between process and project, the process in cross-channel marketing, and how to build automated processes to be more creative

The starter’s guide to process automation

Produced with our friends over at Contentools this ebook teaches how to get more results in less time!