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Tech in Latin America: All the news you shouldn’t miss from the past month

500 startups:

500 Startups Announces Batch 14 in San Francisco

Tech crunch:

Here’s The Latest Batch Of 500 Startups Companies

Venture Beat:

Here are the 34 companies that presented at 500 Startups’ Batch 14 demo day


Top 10 500 Startups Batch 14 Startups – Sorted By The Growth Score

Pipefy is number one! Mattermark ranked this batch of 500 Startups companies and found the following 10 with the highest Mattermark Growth Score.

Product Hunt:

Pipefy for Startups – Product Hunt

Yahoo finance:

Building on International, Viral Momentum for Its Process and Workflow Solution, Pipefy Introduces New Tech Platform




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