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Pipefy is a complete process management software, perfect to enhance your team performance.

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Pipefy is a robust platform that helps you manage your company’s processes, offering a Kanban view that is way easier and faster to use than the checklist view offers. Pipefy gives you the autonomy to customize your process in this Kanban view, or you can also choose the Sprint view. It also has relevant features like Database, SLA Tracking as well as others doesn’t grant and that could improve your process management. If you are looking for a platform that is going to aggregate value to your company, you must surely choose Pipefy.

Actions made on’s templates are organized in a vertical checklist view. Pipefy’s interface appears a far more useful Kanban making it a lot easier (and quicker) for users to visualize the status of their demands.

You should implement a software in your processes that offers an opportunity to fully manage your whole process, and brings a sense of safety about all of your process steps.

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On Pipefy you can choose to use SLA Tracking which may help you manage your process by setting a deadline for your tasks, limiting how much time a card can stay in a process phase bringing more control over your teams’ tasks, and a better understanding of what are the bottlenecks allowing you to speed things up.

To create a card, demand, or a task in Pipefy, you can use a “Start Form.” The “Start Form” is a feature on Pipefy, a customizable form that you can both send your users or make it editable. On this form, you can set mandatory fields corresponding to your company needs.

Pipefy has its own database so the users can store, in a single place, all of their essential process information such as customer, supplier, and product records. The database enables the user a 360-degree view, and this means having a complete overview of what is going on your process. This way, Pipefy brings you the safety to store and manage all of your processes steps.

By adding Pipefy to your daily routine you can improve not only your processes but also your core business.

Features that make Pipefy better than Process Street:

  1. Automation: Enables automatically trigger an action, such as moving or creating a card whenever another event happens such as creating a new card or moving an existing one. You can also set up conditionals where an automation will only be triggered when the event meets the specified criteria;
  2. Email Templates: An email template is a standard message you can create to be sent out from a specific phase of your pipe (company’s process). Email templates can be used to send messages automatically, whenever cards enter or leave a phase, or manually by clicking a button inside the card. Pipefy’s email template feature provides you with a simple way to update the users involved in a process;
  3. Public Form: A public form is a pipe’s (company’s process) front door. Its fields ask for all the information people must provide before creating a new card. The start form is inside the pipe, so normally only its members would have access to it. However, if you want to share it out with your stakeholders (suppliers, freelancers or customers, for example), you can use the public form feature to make it available via a shareable URL;
  4. Connections: This feature allows the user to integrate all the process steps without having to share disconnected information outside the user’s pipes. This feature is especially useful if you have a process that, at a specific phase of execution, demands collaboration from other teams/processes;
  5. Native Apps Integration: Be able to integrate Pipefy’s platform with other software programs like SlackGitHubGitLabBitBucketGoogle Calendar, and Google Drive;
  6. Kanban view: Pipefy’s interface makes user’s perspective much more straightforward to follow the status of their demands;
  7. SLA (Standard Level Agreements) Tracking: It is a feature that allows you to control, by setting a due date, how much time a card can stay in one phase or go through the entire process. Users can manage this by three types of alert:
    • Overdue;
    • Late Alert;
    • Expired Alert;
  8. Pricing: Pipefy is cheaper than and does a lot more than what;
  9. Level of Complexity: Pipefy can solve different problems that are too complex for because Pipefy has many different features that could help you improve your company’s processes. With a large variety of storage features, you are able to automate your process with what Pipefy offers in the software;.

Delivering you more than what is offering makes Pipefy the best choice to significantly aggregate value to your company.

Pipefy makes it easier


Low-code and native app integrations

Easily intgrate with legacy systems, native apps or choose from over 500 apps via Zapier integrations.


Easily customizable

Create and build-on processes for customized management of all your team’s activities.


Centralization of data/requests

Centralize all communications and tasks. Add new assignments, items, or requests to your pipe via multiple channels.


Intuitive platform

Creating processes is easy using our intuitive interface. Team members quickly adapt and learn how to utilize features to their advantage.


Kanban view

Keep track of all your team’s activities using visual representations of work that need to be done at every step of the process.


Fast deploy

With out no-code platform there’s no need to involve IT. Deploy fast and get started right away with customizable process templates.

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Process Street alternative | SLA tracking | Automation

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Pipefy vs. Process Street

Managing your processes is a lot easier with Pipefy.


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Process Street alternative | SLA tracking | Automation

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Achieve seamless workflow management integrating Pipefy with hundreds of apps using Zapier

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Process Street alternative | SLA tracking | Automation

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