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Work faster and smarter

Manual and repetitive data input from one system into another is inefficient and time-consuming. Integrating Pipefy with other tools allows you to allocate resources efficiently, keep employees working on meaningful activities, and gain agility in your processes.

Error-proof processes, reliable data

Having employees transferring data from one system into another is not only time-wasting, but also dangerous. By integrating Pipefy with other software, you ensure flawless information workflow and gain reliable data to base your decisions.

Enhance visibility

Get rid of manual parallel control in spreadsheets and know what is going on at all times. Integrate Pipefy to sync all information in one place and gain visual control of the work happening across different tools and team.

Integrate with any tool and streamline your entire operation

Custom Integrations

Pipefy is a workflow and process management software that adapts to your business. Build custom integrations with all the tools you have in place to keep things up and running and ensure full control and visibility over your operations.

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You can also use other integrations options


Native App Integrations

Easily enable native apps like Slack, GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, Appear.in and Google Hangouts in Pipefy.

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API Integrations

Our public API uses GraphQL data query language that is flexible and returns predictable results.

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Zapier Integrations

Integrate with hundreds of apps via Zapier! Check out all our pre-built zaps or build your own with Pipefy.

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Here’s how Pipefy allows you to create powerful integrations:


Adam Sawicki

Human Resources Recruiter at Realty Conversion

“Overall, our experience with Pipefy has been outstanding. No matter what the goal, Pipefy and their team are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. You can build anything you want. Integration is outstanding for the most part. Pipefy is a platform you can rely on for so many purposes.”

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