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The financial department is the backbone of every company: if it doesn’t work, nothing else works. Oftentimes, the other areas may overlook this important job and only notice the finance department when something goes wrong. But, why?

The answer is easy: your financial department is probably not delivering value for its customers—usually other internal departments. And Identify Value is the first step to implement the Lean methodology, focused on reducing wastes and improving the efficiency of any operation.


Being a Lean Finance department means having a standard for any new purchase or account you have to pay, receiving all information needed for any new request, integrating all back-office processes and automating manual and repetitive tasks.

Do it easier. Do it faster. Do it Lean.

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Make your Finance department Lean

Find Bottlenecks

Measure your process efficiency, easily locate bottleneck and improve them quickly.

Receive Requests

Create intuitive forms to receive requests and start the process with all necessary information to avoid rework.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Create rules to automate manual and repetitive tasks and save time to focus on what really matters.

Communicate Easily

Send automatic emails or messages to requesters and other people involved in the process.

Be Independent

Build your process, deploy the system and continuously improve it all by yourself.

Integrate All Back-office Processes

Run an end-to-end operation all in one platform. Easier, faster and cheaper.


Here are some ready-to-use Pipefy templates. They’re all customizable, and if they don’t fit your needs, you can build your own process or customize the ones that already exist.

Integrate all your Financial
processes in one platform

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