The Process Management Platform for Small- & Medium-Sized Businesses

Scale revenue without scaling costs or complexity. Centralize, standardize, and automate key processes with a single tool.

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Trusted by top brands:

Better connectivity

Scale your business efficiently from a single platform

Confidently track and manage the growth of your business in one place — no third-party solutions required. 

Less IT dependence

Pipefy helps SMBs manage any process or department with an easy-to-use interface that’s ideal for everyday business users and non-technical team members.  

Seamless workflows

Gain full control and visibility of your business with a platform that implements 2X faster than competitors. With 300+ integrations out of the box, streamline your tech stack and free your processes of error-prone spreadsheets, email threads, and manual work.

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No hidden expenses

Pay less, grow more

Contain costs with predictable pricing designed for small- and medium-sized businesses. 

No more barriers

No more paying per user or worrying about process or user limits means no more adoption barriers and no more compromising potential growth opportunities.

For all business sizes & budgets  

Access up to 90% off with our exclusive discount for small- and medium-sized businesses, and annual plan benefits with the freedom of monthly payments to fit any budget.

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Improved communication

Improve process harmony with automated connections

Build an ecosystem of connected processes and departments to improve communication and collaboration across the business.

Greater business agility

Respond to changing business needs quickly, and spend less time chasing after updates, assigning tasks, managing work handoffs, or tracking deadlines.

Better experiences 

With automated process connections, eliminate process gaps, increase revenue generation, and improve customer satisfaction and retention with automated communication and updates.

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Faster results

See faster ROI

Pipefy deploys 4X faster than other process management platforms, dramatically reducing the time it takes to build, automate, and deploy new workflows. 

Fast implementation

Define, customize, and implement your own business rules with agile implementation of up to 45 days. 

Ready to scale

No learning curves. No backlogs. No matter how complex the process.  

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Integrate with 300+ platforms

Seamlessly connect with your existing systems, databases, and apps to eliminate operational inefficiencies.

Access AI-powered business insights 

Quickly generate business insights, anticipate trends, and design workflows with Pipefy AI’s virtual assistant.

Grow with flexibility and composability

Pipefy adapts to your business needs, not the other way around, and is flexible enough to grow and evolve — not limit — your business.