How to Get Your Staff Motivated after Come Back from Holiday


In January, the production might be much lower than usual. Your employees are too busy talking about their holidays and their exotic vacations. You must be wondering how to keep your staff motivated after the holidays are over. The key is to choose activities that get your employees excited about returning back to work and help them set personal goals for the new year.

1. Get Into a Team Huddle

The first thing you should do after going back to work after a holiday is to have a team huddle first thing in the morning. Make your employees realize they can also have fun at the workplace.

Most of them are coming down from the post-holiday high and don’t want to talk. Instead of letting your employees hide behind their cubicle, set up a team meeting complete with coffee and donuts. Have them talk about their holidays and their upcoming plans for the new year.

2. Organizing an Employee Event

Increase employee satisfaction by organizing and hosting your own employee event. Hold an event outside the office where your employees are away from the office environment for a few hours. Choose the space for an event such as a banquet hall or conference that’s large enough for your entire staff.

Choose activities that keep them excited and engaged. Book industry-specific or motivational speakers at your event. This will give your staff something to look forward to going back to work after the holidays.

Reach out to each of your employees for their individual input on the types of entertainment and training they would benefit from.

3. Stress the Importance of Returning to Work

There are plenty of benefits of returning to work. You just have to remind them. Getting paid, meeting new clients and customers, and reconnecting with employees are just some of them.

Another benefit is getting back to a routine or making an impact on someone’s life. Include some of these points in your speech at the morning meeting. Your enthusiasm shows through in your voice when you address each of these points and rubs off on your employees.

4. Remind Your Employees of Their Purpose

When your employees leave the office for the holiday, they leave their work stress behind as well. When they return, those stresses come back to haunt them. What they need to hear now is how much their work is valued and is part of a greater purpose in life.

Ask your employees what goals they want to reach in the coming weeks, months, or the new year. Allowing them to set their own goals can make their job feel less of a hassle and more of a career. They’ll also feel like they’re part of something important.

5. Make Your Employees Feel Important

Employees always want to feel special. Feeling important is on the hierarchy of needs, but it’s one of the needs that’s rarely fulfilled. They feel most important when they’re among friends, family, and other loved ones.

When they return to their work environment, this need quickly goes away. Spend some time with each of your employees. Ask them how they spent their holidays. Make sure they know how much you missed them and how much you value their work.

6. Set the Right Example as a Leader

The post-holiday time period is a weird time for most employees. They get demotivated and would rather be somewhere else. People who were in groups tend to put less effort into their work than those who work alone. It can infectious if your employees love working together.

If you see your employee getting away with procrastinating, you may do the same. Laziness isn’t the only thing that’s contagious. Motivation can be contagious if the team puts their work first. Let your employees take notice of your effort and they will do the same.

7. Treat Your Staff to Dinner

Do something nice for your employees after work. This is a nice way to motivate them and beat the post-holiday blues. The first week after the holidays is a great time to schedule a dinner after work. You can also use this time to meet with clients or colleagues for drinks, company outing, or special event.

8. Set Goals for the New Year

This is something you should do at the end of every year. It doesn’t matter if your employees are motivated or not. By setting business-related goals, it’ll help inspire and motivate your employees to set their own goals for the new year.

Arrange a team meeting the first week back to work from the holidays. Make sure this meeting takes place in the morning before your company opens up for the day. Guide your employees through the goal-setting process. Meet with each one individually to help them with their own goals. Your employees will know you’re serious about their growth in and out of your business.

Employee morale is at an all-time low come January. Some ways on how can you motivate your staff is to keep them interested and engaged with each of these activities. Most of these activities include plenty of perks that will get them back into working mode. Continue to find new and unique ways to motivate your staff.

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