How to Better Qualify B2B Sales Ready Leads


Are you receiving a bunch of leads but only few of them lead to sales? If the answer is “yes”, you need think about improving the quality of your B2B sales ready leads.

Are you receiving a bunch of leads but only few of them are leading to sales? If the answer is “yes”, you might need think about improving the quality of your B2B sales leads. Don’t know where to begin? Well, in order to help you out, we have compiled a short list of the ways you can go about better qualifying your B2B sales ready leads.

How to better qualify your Sales Ready Leads:

1st step: Clearly Define Sales Ready Leads

Typically, one of the most common reasons why businesses experience low sales conversions is because their team is not on the same page when it comes to the definition of “sales-ready leads”. This is why you need to start by making sure that your marketing department and your sales department are both under the same impression of what kind of leads need to be passed on.

Score the Leads

Another way to better qualify your B2B sales leads is by establishing a lead scoring system. Have your marketing department score or grade the leads before passing them on to the sales department so they know which ones should receive more of their attention, time and effort.

Require Feedback

Often times marketing representatives send B2B leads to the sales department and never receive any feedback regarding the readiness of the lead, the efficiency of the process or the result. This is why it is important to have your sales department provide your marketing managers with information pertaining to the leads that are received. You can also have your marketing team inform the sales team of how they can work together to speed things up and better qualify leads. Remember, communication is key.

Focusing on more qualified sales leads can really impact your conversion rates. Use these 3 simple tips and your team will be well on their way to better qualifying B2B sales ready leads!

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