2024 Business Process Automation Trends 

The need for process automation has never been more urgent. 

Gartner predicts that the market for business process automation tools will increase by 38% in the next three years, up from $2.6B in 2022 to $3.6B in 2027. More business teams than ever rely on automation to reduce errors and improve efficiency, and the varieties and types of workflows they’re automating continue to diversify.

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Benefits for IT teams

At the same time, IT teams are seeing benefits from automation. No-code automation tools that give business teams more autonomy are also conserving IT resources – giving them more time for the strategy and innovation that are essential for optimizing costs and spurring new business growth. 

Pipefy recently published the 2024 Process Automation Trends report that explores why more companies than ever are turning to business process automation tools and artificial intelligence to navigate economic challenges, drive business growth, increase business team autonomy, and make the best use of their IT resources.

This report looks at which teams are using automation the most often, as well as which processes and workflows they are automating. Based on anonymized customer data, the report details

  • Distribution by team for more than 10B automations
  • Breakdown of automations by process for each team
  • Analysis of estimated hours saved through email automation

The report delves into detail to illustrate where automation is making the biggest impact for businesses. For example: 

  • Customer Support teams automated more than 1B workflows
  • Finance teams automate the broadest range of workflows, totaling 648M
  • IT teams automated 251M workflows and service requests
  • Finance teams automated the widest variety of workflows

IT Leader insights

The report also looks at business process automation trends from the perspective of IT leaders. also includes data from a recent survey in which they were asked about

  • Drivers behind their adoption of automation tools
  • Benefits their teams are seeing from automation tools
  • How they evaluate automation tools
  • Anticipated benefits from the fusion of AI with process automation
  • Expected efficiency gains from AI-enhanced process automation

Learn more

Pipefy’s 2024 Automation Trends Report is free and available for download now. 

See which teams use automation the most, and which processes and workflows they are automating most often. The report includes information on the growth of the no-code automation market and insights from IT leaders about the benefits of automation and what they expect from the combination of artificial intelligence and process automation.

Access the free Automation Trends Report now 
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