Are your processes endangered by disconnected information?


Are you having trouble with disconnected information endangering your processes? Don't worry too much about it, we have the solution to your problems!

If you’re constantly having trouble with disconnected information endangering your processes effectiveness? You can stop worrying about it, we’re here to tell you that:

  1. You’re not alone, many (many) people around the world, in organizations of all types and sizes, face the exact same problem.
  2. We can help you identify what’s endangering your communication and help you structure your processes in a way disconnected will no longer be a problem!

What originates disconnected information?

Organizations all around the world face a baffling problem: poor information management that leads to innefectiveness and rework (consequently wasting time and money).

The first step for identifying whether disconnected information s is a problem in your company is observing what measures are you taking to manage your work information and whether the necessary information is available to everyone.

As Pipefy’s CEO Alessio Alionço pointed out in this article, modern organizations need to be people-proof:

A company’s good execution and competitive edge only exist because of people. In order to have a competitive business, however, it’s essential that the organization, goals and methods of execution exist outside people’s heads in a format available so everyone can use it.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, it’s essential that you prioritize your information security and management to ensure your business’ information is available when and where it needs to be available.

Some troubling information

According to the information provided on a survey conducted by the Harvard Business Review, even though more than 80% of the group of interviewed business executives identify information as a strategic asset, only a little ofer 35% of them affirm they’re organizations are well positioned and organized to use information to help grow their businesses.

Also, even though 64% of the surveyed CEOs identified improvements to the information flow within their processes as the best strategy to achieve their business’ goals, only 29% affirmed they believe it’s important that their companies use technology and software to integrate information.

That statistic is specially troubling because it’d be expected that a larger amount of the executives and CEOs was aware of the importance technology has in ensuring the flow of information.

Why don’t companies worry about disconnected information?

Even though a large number of executives do identify disconnected information as a problem and say that using existing technology and information is a priority, a big part of the group pointed out they struggle with making the best out of the information they already have.

That disconnection can derive partly from the intense and constant changes in the technology department. Taking into consideration how important tech trends such as cloud computing and mobility have become to most customers, organizations have been forced to take a closer look of the structure they use to manage the ever growing amounts of information.

However, only a small portion of the organizations seem to be willing to go that extra mile and actually dedicate to the hard work of setting up new processes that allow them to fully take advantage of well structured information.

Overall, changing the way organizations manage information is less about investing in expensive, excessively complex information management software and more about a changing mindset. Before finding tools to allow information to be centralized, backed up and available, companies need to establish a strong culture revolving around the importance of information.

Even though I don’t have the specific knowledge and expertise to point out ways of changing your company’s culture so it revolves around information, what I can do is present a simple, intuitive alternative to help create and manage all your company’s processes as so to centralize and secure information.

Overcoming disconnected information with Pipefy

Pipefy is a simple, intuitive cloud-based application that revolves around centralising and managing all your company’s processes and its subsequent information in one place.

With Pipefy you can easily make sure all your team members are following the same structure for each activity as well as providing – and storing – all the necessary information in the same place.

Pipefy offers many valuable features to make information management simpler and easier, such as the information database in which you can create separate tables to store your customer’s, supplier’s and all other information you wish to make available across your processes.

The most important thing that sets Pipefy apart from its counterpart workflow management apps is that it’s incredibly simple to use, allowing the end users – such as managers – to setup their own processes without technical knowledge or IT consultants required.

Pipefy’s flexible structure allows managers to create – and modify – their own processes according to their needs. They can set up mandatory fields for each of their processes’ phases and easily extract the final information using the reports feature.

If you want to leave the problem of disconnected information in the past and centralize all your company’s information in one place to avoid duplicate, outdated and mismanaged information, start using Pipefy right away!

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