The employee journey: how we create micro experiences in the daily lives of Pipefy team*

Como criamos microexperiências no Pipefy

Talking about an employee’s journey within the company is always incredible. It begins with the recruitment and selection processes, goes to onboarding, performance evaluation, promotions, and reaches the employee’s last day at the company. Through this long journey, one of the factors that will make the greatest difference will be the employee’s experience.

Experience is a set of interactions that occur throughout the whole employee’s journey in the company. It is responsible for his delight with the business and plays a very significant role in retaining him.

It is essential, of course, that all processes are very well structured so that the company has a solid base to work to create micro experiences for the employees’ daily lives.

That’s how we work with institutional marketing actions here at Pipefy. We develop actions so that people feel good, welcomed, respected, and, mainly, themselves within our company. I will share with you three of these actions carried out at Pipefy:

Surprise Snack

As one of our benefits, we have several types of food available to our employees: coffee, bread, cookies, fruit, tea, cereal, yogurt, coconut water, among others. It makes all the difference because “coffee time”, as we like to call it, creates a relaxed environment for people to talk, exchange ideas, think about innovations, and interact with each other.

Besides that, we have, once a month, what we call a surprise snack – which is nothing more than a moment to eat something special. Creativity is very important here, to make a big impact. We’ve already had açaí, American pancakes, a chocolate cascade, ice cream, “tacho de brigadeiro” (a Brazilian traditional dish), sweet popcorn, coxinha (also traditional in Brazil) and several other things.


The benefits of this moment are countless: first of all, who doesn’t like to be surprised by random food in the middle of the afternoon? However, more than just trying to surprise them, we understand how important the surprise snack moment is for the mental health of our team. It is a time for everyone to stop, pause their routines, talk to people, and change their environment. And it becomes an essential moment, especially for teams with daily execution goals, such as the Sales team.

Random Lunch

Here at Pipefy people love to meet everyone who is part of the company and bond beyond the work environment. But as we grew very quickly, sometimes it’s difficult to know who is part of the team or not.

With that in mind, we’ve created “the random lunch”. We automatically draw two or three people to have lunch together and to have the opportunity to get to know each other better and talk about different subjects. 


This is a cool activity for people to bond with colleagues who they don’t have direct interaction with on a daily basis. Besides that, it is an opportunity to meet professionals from different fields. And, of course, exchanging experiences.



Knowing the importance of developing ties between people at Pipefy, we’ve created some clubs that bring together people with common interests so they can do activities outside of working hours.

The idea is super simple!

Each club must have a leader responsible for calling everyone to participate and for managing activities. We have several clubs: women’s soccer, men’s soccer, photography, crafts, board games. And it’s really cool to see how people make great friends at those clubs.

At soccer club, for example, members even made an exclusive Pipefy uniform to participate in championships with other startups in Curitiba.


As you can see, one of our values is “enjoy the ride”. And that’s exactly what we do with these actions that provide micro experiences. We want to make everyone’s journey lighter, more interesting, and enjoyable.

* written by Marina Agranionih, HoneyBadger from the CWB office, People team, and responsible for the Pipefy Culture team.