Build Better Collaboration With These 8 Pipefy Integrations

Business inefficiencies can cost your business up to 30% of your revenue each year. From a breakdown in communication to a lack of organizational structure to an inefficient business process, these issues can manifest themselves in many ways but the result is universal: damage to businesses and teams. And the root of the issue is often just as common: a lack of process orchestration. 

With a business process orchestration tool like Pipefy, you can coordinate, synchronize, and monitor multiple processes to help drive seamless collaboration and create workflows that operate smoothly, efficiently, and effectively. 

8 integrations to improve collaboration 

Process orchestration tools can bring all your work into a single platform and alleviate any process-related headaches. Integrations allow users to connect data from other applications to tools like Pipefy to help improve operation flows. 

No matter your department or needs, here are eight of Pipefy’s most popular integrations and some of their use cases to get you started. 


  • SAP On-premise: Send IDoc to SAP when a card is created in your accounts payable pipe.
  • NetSuite: Send information to NetSuite when a purchase request is approved in Pipefy.
  • Quickbook: Send purchase orders to vendors once purchase requests are approved within Pipefy.

Marketing & Sales

  • Salesforce: Create records in Salesforce by adding a new prospect card in Pipefy Hubspot: Automatically create a card in Pipefy when a new lead signs up within HubSpot.
  • Mailchimp: Send out emails after approving new campaigns within Pipefy.

Customer Success

  • Zendesk: Automatically create a customer support ticket when a new support ticket is opened in Zendesk.

Human Resources

  • Docusign: Send signature requests to new employees when an employee card is moved to the hiring phase. 
  • BambooHR: Create new positions or new employee profiles when a position is approved in Pipefy or when a new employee is hired.

For more on how integrations work within Pipefy, check out this video below:

Unlock collaboration potential with business process orchestration tools

The days of unstructured data caused by switching back and forth between various types of software to manage your business are over. 

With Pipefy integrations, you can capture real-time information. Pipefy integrations sync your software stack and data, and eliminate manual system inputs — like approvals, requests, or follow-ups — across software like SAP, Quickbooks, and Netsuite.  

Bring all your processes together into one platform, create seamless workflows, strengthen the integrity of your data, and enhance the ways your teams collaborate. Pipefy’s low-code/no-code platform also gives you the power to configure your integrations in no time, eliminating long implementation cycles and giving you more time to work on meaningful process improvements

Find out how Pipefy helped the Federation of Industries of the State of Ceará, Brazil (FIEC) increase its business process efficiency by identifying bottlenecks and automating 70 workflows in just three months.

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