Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Software

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It’s not uncommon to see more and more companies adopting Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) to reduce their expenses and increase results. But do you know what BPO means? Let’s dive a little deeper and clarify what it means, why companies are adopting this solution and how they are doing it.

What is BPO?

Business Process Outsourcing is outsourcing a team (or teams) that is not your core business. This makes the company more focused on what they know how to do and outsourcing what does not fall under their specialty to another company that has professionals that can do it better. 

Simply put, it is hiring a third-party company to take care of processes that don’t need to be directly dealt with within the company. This helps companies gain a competitive edge as they will be strictly focused on their core business.

Why Outsource?

A common mistake is to think that only startups or small companies use BPOs when in fact many big companies outsource some of their teams for greater savings. But that is not the only benefit that implementing BPO can bring a company. There are the 5 reasons to adopt this strategic vision of outsourcing:

1. Do more spending less: make the most of your money focusing only on your business’ core processes.

2. Focus on what matters: Focus entirely on developing your product/service, while a specialized company takes care of the areas that you need not deal with internally.

3. Easy access to highly qualified professionals: third-party companies have access to highly qualified people that are specialized in the processes you may wish to outsource. They most likely have a lot of experience in the area, which makes it easier for them to solve issues instead of you not only have to deal internally with this but also when your employees may not yet have the necessary knowledge and may still require to learn it.

4. Flexible business structure: adapt your structure more effortlessly when expanding or even downsizing your business improving flexibility, in cost and time.

5. Better service quality: hire a company that can offer you well-trained, experienced, and high-quality delivery employees. A lot of companies are specialized in providing services that are often outsourced, like accounting and IT, for example.

What types of services can be outsourced?

Everything that is not the core of your business. It’s important that you only outsource things that don’t need to be done internally. For example, if you have an HR company, you can easily outsource the marketing team for example. The most common outsourced areas are IT support, telemarketing, accounting, online marketing, software development, financial, and human resources.

How to manage BPO?

To manage your Business Process Outsourcing, you’ll need a proper tool for that. Pipefy offers you a no-code platform, where you can control and create processes by yourself easily on our platform. Improve your SLA tracking, easily download reports, have tons of automation rules and improve the efficiency of your BPO process with Pipefy. Try it for free!