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Tired of receiving requests from different people on different platforms? Well, no matter your department, we’ve got you covered!

With this free template, you’ll not only centralize all demands but will also set the tone for the briefings your team receives through an online form.

How is that even possible? Check it out:

● Standardize and centralize your requests ?
Tired of the lack of standardization in your demands? This template will help you set the tone. Create an online form that will hold all of the information needed to get the process started. Set mandatory fields, conditionals and attachments, and receive all of it in the same place.

● Keep track of all deadlines statuses ?
Now that you’ll have full visibility of what is going on, keep track of statuses and never miss a deadline again. You can set different dates for each phase of your process, making it easier to control your team’s work.

● Improve your communication ?
Centralize and automate the interactions within the team, with stakeholders and anyone else needed to make sure everybody is up to date and satisfied with the deliveries.

● Boost efficiency by automating tasks ?
Save lots of time with automation rules. Set a faster and more efficient workflow and say goodbye to repetitive tasks, such as sending emails to update the stakeholder with the status of their demand.

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