4 B2B Lead Qualification Questions You Should Never Forget To Ask

Lead qualification is an artful process of taking contacts and turning them into buyers – or at least potential buyers! This is also true between businesses. There are several questions you can ask to make the process more effective and weed out the contacts who simply do not fit. Here are four B2B lead qualification questions you should never forget to ask!

Essential B2B Lead Qualification Questions:

The very first thing you should ask when interacting with the potential buyer is what position they hold in their company. Are they a decision maker or the guy who fetches coffee? You will save a tremendous amount of time by making sure you are pitching to the right person the first time. While the guy might make an amazing caramel latte if he can’t make his company buy your product, you have no business trying to turn him into a qualified lead!

Next, you will want to ask them how they selected their previous supplier and what they liked or disliked about that experience. This will give you a great insight into what your company can offer them that might peak their interests and is a perfect time to contrast your competition while gaining a buyer.

If you have talked to this contact before review the notes that you should have made about the last point of contact (you did make notes right?) This can tell you how they were feeling about your business in the past and even which approaches have been tried before so that you can come at them from a different angle that may play better with them at this time.

Get around upfront price talks, by asking them what aspects they would want in a product you offer if there were no monetary limitations. This will showcase which features they are most interested in and give you an opportunity to present the value of those features to them before sticker shock sets in. If they can see the value of paying just a bit more for a quality product, then you have won!

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