Business Tools for Increasing Employee Productivity


When we talk about productivity, it is not about how many hours employees stay in the office. It is about the results of that hard work.

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When we talk about productivity, it is not about how many hours employees stay in the office. It is about the results of that hard work.

What Affects Employee Productivity?

A recent survey finds that more than 55 percent of employees waste 16 hours of their time per week just checking emails, filling out forms and cross-checking documents. This amounts to a whopping three hours per day in a five-day-a-week, eight-hour-per-day, work environment.

This is not it, though. There are many other factors that have a significant role in distracting the focus and the overall productivity of an employee. Here are some of the biggest anti-productivity culprits:  –

Poor Health: Lifestyle can always contribute to poor productivity. But there is no denying this can also be spiked by work-related stress. Workplace stress plays a major role in worker’s health.

Employee and Coworkers Attitudes: The happiness level of an individual has a strong correlation to the workplace efficiency of an employee. If you enjoy your work, you will complete it to your full potential and remain dedicated.

Coworkers also have an effect on the productivity of an individual inside the workplace. Their bonding and reliance on each other yields more favorable organization. After all, it’s important that they willingly team up to achieve their goals.

Unsuitability: Unaware, incompatible and non-performing hirelings are a major cause of concern for a business.

At times, people are hired on the basis of their past experience and educational records. However, such considerations don’t always warrant results-driving performance. Organizations must assess each candidate thoroughly during the interview cycles.

Assessments should also be considered while shouldering new set of responsibilities on a worker. Moreover, the employees/teams should be trained to work on new technologies and tasks beforehand so they are completely aware of how to best perform their new duties.

Uncomfortable Work Environment: Work culture influences the worker’s mood, drive, and performance. If they are surrounded by unneighbourly coworkers, a disquieting sitting arrangement, impracticable targets, poor basic infrastructure or horrible bosses, you cannot expect results from them.

Best employee productivity tools

Forward-looking businesses are always looking for ways to keep their workers happy. This is evident from the soaring rise in employee engagement activities at leading organizations worldwide.

Ninety percent of Leaders believe that engagement activities have an impact on business success.

Eight-five percent of the world’s most admired companies believe that efforts to engage employees have reduced employee performance problems.

One surefire way to boost employee productivity is to give them the right technology. With the right productivity booster tools in their hands, they will be able to manage their tasks easily and make the most of their time, knowledge and resources. The effective use of tools will improve accuracy while boosting the performance metric.

This article outlines four useful employee productivity tools:


Pipefy was developed to help individuals and teams manage tasks and processes. You can stay updated and what everyone is currently working on, what they have to do and what has already been completed. It also highlights team priorities, what’s on time, what is late and what’s potentially creating bottlenecks.


OnTheClock is an online time tracking tool that enables employees to keep track of employee punch locations. With this web- or cloud-based application, you can stay informed on which workers are punched in or out at work.

Having smart features such as payroll reporting integration, a mobile time clock app for employees, time-off tracking and a free trial – the application can be incorporated into any process in just three minutes.


WorkZone is a popular project management software that makes a super efficient replacement for Microsoft’s MS Project and BaseCamp. From project tracking to task management and performance analytics, WorkZone helps your team focus on the projects and activities that are on your priority list.


SaneBox is an AI-based email management tool that can be integrated with any email services, including but not limited to Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Office365 and iCloud.

The application filters all unimportant emails from your inbox and keeps them in smart SaneLater folders, based on an individual’s past behaviors while checking emails. The user gets a summarized notification of each action performed.

SaneBox also notifies you when someone doesn’t reply to your email.

Final Words

The key to highly motivated and productive employees is to hire the right talent for each job and remove every factor may make an employee uncomfortable in a workplace.

In an era of advancements, technology is seen as a means that eases the complexities we face on a day-to-day basis. Digital transformations have taken the world by storm by streamlining processes and boosting revenue gains for modern businesses.

However, the success chiefly depends on the performance of the workers. A success-eyeing entrepreneur is always ready to hand over the best of tools and support their employees with the intent to improve their productivity.

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