How to create a cold calling script


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Cold calling is a rather controversial topic. Some companies consider it a thing of the past due to its invasive techniques. Others see it as one of the best channels to reach out to prospects/opportunities.

What everyone knows, however, is that the response rates depend on what the company is offering/selling and how they’re presenting it. Creating a cold calling script to serve as a general guideline when reaching out to customers is one of the best ways to improve these rates.

The reason why I stressed the words ‘general guideline’ is because using a cold calling script the wrong way can backfire.

Robotic approaches that follow a script to the letter are guaranteed to fail. When people realize the person on the other end of the line is reading a standard script they almost always adopt a defensive posture.

Cold calling myths

As I mentioned when opening this article, cold calling is a controversial subject. There are quite a few myths and misconceptions about what it is and how well it works.

You may think it’s a bad strategy and affirm you don’t know anyone that has ever responded to it. However, that’s not the general rule. Millions of people around the world respond positively to cold calling. If they didn’t, it wouldn’t still be one of the main communication channels successful companies use to reach out.

The most common misconception is assuming that all cold calls follow a generic cold calling script. Following a script to the letter, however, is one of the most common cold calling mistakes.

Whenever people feel like they’re listening to a robot repeat the exact same speech it used on thousands of people before, they close up. The secret to good cold calling results, therefore, is making it personal. Make the prospect feel like the person calling is an actual human being worried about their needs.

The importance of having a good cold calling script

Getting your cold calling script right is essential to the success of your strategy. It’s essential to make people feel like you’re not (just) after their money. Showing interest in their interests and needs is the #1 role to cold calling success.

Let me ask you a (rhetorical) question: do you want to make your cold calling strategy work?

The best way to do that is creating a well structured cold calling script.

Structured, personalized conversations are highly effective and will give you the access to the kind of response you need. The best way to set this all up is rather simple actually. Check out a few guidelines you should follow when building your cold calling script:

Cold calling script guidelines

1- Start well with an introduction that entices the prospect’s curiosity. People almost always get annoyed by being curious so this initial approach should be carefully thought to give people to stay for another minute or so, giving you a chance to win their attention;

2- Context is everything when it comes to your sales pitch (aka your elevator pitch). You can’t take too long to make people clearly see the benefits of your offer. You can’t take too long to do it, though. Inaccurate sales speeches are the best way to lose an opportunity fast;

3- Once you’re done with your initial presentation, ask people their permission to continue. This small detail shows empathy and make it a lot easier to get people’s attention so they’re actually listening to you;

4- Make it an interactive conversation. Ask questions and get the customer’s feedback so you can assess whether they fit the mold. Carefully analyze the information people provide so you can adapt your offer to their pain/need;

5- If you managed to get through to them and they’ve shown interest in what you have to say you can begin approaching other subjects such as the price levels/plains, the conditions you can offer them, etc;

6- Giving people time to process the information is key so make sure you end up the conversation scheduling a time to discuss the sale in further detail.

Creating an effective cold calling script is hard work, I won’t waste both of our times trying to convince you of the opposite. What I’ll do instead is reinforce how important it is to have a clear plan before you start calling people.

Cold calling can actually work, as long as you follow the guidelines we’ve presented. Make it so people feel like there’s an actual person on the other end of the line. A person that cares about what they want/need. As long as you see your cold calling script as general guidelines other than a robotic speech, you’ll do just fine!

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