Task Automation & Freedom from Digital Drudgery

Benjamin Babb
task automation

Task automation is overdue for its turn in the spotlight. 

A lot of attention has been paid to the concepts of robotic process automation and intelligent process automation, as well as to the closely related terms workflow automation and process automation. But task automation is a jewel in its own right, and one that deserves more attention that it receives. 

Automating tasks bring a range of benefits to an enterprise, but there’s a tendency to focus on the most easily-quantified and immediate gains such as cost savings or increased output. Maybe that’s one reason why task automation isn’t talked about more often: it appears deceptively straightforward. 

We take a different perspective. We focus on task automation because we focus on people. In our view, task automation can be a powerful force for good in the lives of employees and customers, in terms of the problems it  solves, as well as the opportunities it creates. In our experience, task automation is all about freeing people from repetition and redundancy so that they have more time to create, coordinate, and collaborate.

In this series of posts, we make our case for a fresh look at task automation by illustrating its potential for simplifying and improving workflows and processes.

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Benjamin Babb
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