Elevate Requester Autonomy and Data Security With the Guest Experience Bundle

Employees spend 60% of their time on “work about work.” This includes responding to emails and messages, waiting for feedback, approvals, or responses, and searching for files or documents. 

For the average full-time employee with a 40-hour work week, that’s 24 hours of decentralized, repetitive, and tedious tasks that take away from high-value work for process owners and stakeholders. 

Now imagine a customized and secure work space where suppliers, customers, and employees can track their requests free of process friction, approval delays, and lags in communication.

That’s the promise of the Guest Experience. Learn more about what’s possible with features to manage guest users and how to get started for a more seamless and autonomous experience for guests and employees.

What is Guest Experience?

The Guest Experience is a collection of product features bundled together to improve guest experiences, increase data and access security, and reduce IT costs.

With a unique log-in access for each business guest user — from suppliers and consultants to customers and employees — guests can easily access any updates related to the status of their purchase, IT, HR, contract, or payment requests.

Administrators can manage guest groups, control access levels, and create customized interfaces for specific users. The Guest Experience bundle’s features are available to new and existing users at no additional cost. 

How the Guest Experience bundle works

The Guest Experience is a bundle release of existing Pipefy features designed to create a secure, seamless, frictionless, and autonomous full-service guest experience. Speed up approvals, requests, follow ups, and status monitoring with this centralized hub. 

IT maintains robust information security while fostering zero-cost operations, so process administrators can focus on productivity with uninterrupted focus on strategic, results-driven work.

Guest Experience feature details  

Features in the Guest Experience bundle include: 

  • Interfaces to unify information from different pipes in a single interface.
  • Guest groups to change permissions for individuals or multiple users in bulk.
  • Guest permissions to manage who has access to pipes and information based on permission levels or roles for greater control and governance.
  • Guest recommendations (internal or external) that can be added, informed by intelligent algorithms.
  • Adding guests in bulk to add several users at once.
  • A task and request management area which allows guests to view all their assigned tasks and requests in one place.


Centralize, gather, and share precise and visualized information with stakeholders. 

Pipe admins can build and edit Interfaces, and, currently, Pipefy users can access up to 15 Interfaces per organization. Members, company guests, and external guests can access and view Interfaces, but using conditionals ensure that only the pertinent data appears for each user.

Watch the product demo below to learn more about Interfaces.

Centralize, gather, and share precise and visualized information with stakeholders. 

Guest groups

Simplify the guest management process by changing permissions for individuals or multiple users in bulk. Designed to reduce time spent managing users in Pipefy, this features helps super admins, admins, and members

  • Add and remove the same user from several pipes at once
  • Add and remove various people from a pipe with one single action
  • Change permissions for multiple users at once

This ensures admins maintain a high level of governance and data protection. Learn how to group guest permission changes.

Guest permissions

Ensure a more agile, safe, and collaborative environment. Manage both pipe and information access based on the following types of permission levels, or role types: 

  • Administrator (full access to all your company’s pipes, databases, automations, reports, and settings).
  • Member (can only see and access public pipes, and private pipes to which they were added).
  • Guest users (cannot see or join a pipe, but they can see and use its forms and open cards as long as the Administrator gives them access).
  • Company guests (can create new pipes, which automatically makes them pipe members; ideal for employees).
  • External guests (cannot create pipes or become company members; ideal for suppliers, clients, and other company stakeholders).

Learn more about Pipefy’s guest permission management.

Guest recommendations 

Informed by intelligent algorithms, Pipefy recommends company or external guests that can be added to the platform at no additional charge. This feature is ideal for organization administrators and super administrators since only these types of users can interact with the recommended individuals.

Save time and effort by sending less individual invitations, and simplify tracking for new guests added. Learn how to manage guest users

View of recommended guest users

Task and request management area

This centralized area provides a clear view of all tasks assigned to guests and the status of guest requests for full visibility and accountability into the work being completed.

The centralized task view brings visibility into assigned tasks that require action. The feature operates as a sort of to-do list for all tasks assigned within Pipefy, eliminating delays associated with missed alerts or notifications and the need to sort between different pipes, systems, or tools.

View of the task area

Below the task summary, guests can quickly access the status of their requests within the same window. Each request is interactive, allowing guests to track updates or communicate with users responsible for their requests. 

View of the request area

Business and IT benefits and outcomes

With this centralized guest hub, boost process efficiency, security, and efficiency by solving the following business problems:

ChallengeImpactGuest Experience solutionOutcomes
Lack of process visibilityBottlenecks

Centralized and organized requests and tasks management

External and internal guests can track requests, review past interactions, and grant approvals directly through the guest area

Access full history of previous requests
Greater autonomy for suppliers, customers, and employees 

Eliminated risk of information loss

150% improvement in employee SLA 

67% reduction in IT helpdesk SLA
Poor data storage policies and managementFines

High risk of legal penalties and non-compliance

Difficult to track actions
Control the type of information each user can view

Access grouping for large permission changes when necessary

Access is only allowed with unique, logged-in access for each guest user
High level of governance and data protection

Increase information security by 25%
Manual process managementHigh operational costsData and approval consolidation from different processes streamlined into a unique guest interface

No more chasing after information 

Data visualization in one interface for smarter reporting and collaboration
Increased productivity with streamlined data visibility

Slashed email volume by 46%

Up to 42% in cost savings and payback in 3-5 months 

Transform guest experiences

By one estimate, employees spend 62% of the workday on repetitive, mundane tasks. For both requesters and employees, the daily frustrations of chasing after information, waiting for responses, or potentially leaking sensitive details are too numerous to ignore. Shift from a culture of stress to a culture of productivity and autonomy without sacrificing security or savings.

For Business or Enterprise users, sign in to Pipefy to access the Guest Experience bundle features at no additional charge. Not a Pipefy user? Not a problem! Schedule a demo or sign up for a Business plan to see the Guest Experience in action. 

The secure and cost-effective solution for request management
Explore the Guest Experience bundle

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