How Agile Software Development Will Grow Your Results


How often do you feel that your Dev team is grounded? Are they able to create things fast enough and provide real value? Or are they getting behind? Increasing your team’s efficiency is crucial to turn your company into a relevant player in the market. Today is all about being Lean through the actions we take.

How often do you feel that your Dev team is grounded? Are they able to create things fast enough and provide real value? Or are they getting behind? Increasing your team’s efficiency is crucial to turn your company into a relevant player in the market. Today is all about being Lean through the actions we take.

When it comes to Software Development, your team can be driven by a high challenge project or a simple feature, and your project can take hours or months. Either way, your team has to invest time to deliver the best product or service.

How much of this time are they using to become more customer-centric? Are they having a hard time building something that shows real value to clients? How adaptable is your team? Just as you must put gas in your tank to keep your car running, you need to be Agile to enhance a high-performance team.

What is Agile?

Agile is the ability people have to deal with and adapt to everyday situations. The definition comes from the Agile Manifesto, where it was well spread into the Software Development world.

One of the certain things we know about the world, and about our society, is that things change. You don’t always want to be the same person you are today, do you? Following the path to improvement is something we are committed to since birth.


Triumph is not the means to achievement, but closure. The way you are going to suit up toward different perspectives and how you cope with it is going to make you the difference between a loser and a winner.

Agile is just that! In fact, it is more than that. It is not just how you shape yourself into different situations, but how you deal and succeed when facing them. How good are you at handling different environments and accomplishing what is expected from you?

Agile Values

The Agile Manifesto count with 4 different values that drive people’s actions through daily work.


Instead of using tools to talk to people, prioritize face-to-face conversation. How many times have you had to explain yourself over and over because someone doesn’t understand what you wrote? Make it simpler, and you have the chance to look into the person’s reaction and clarify possible doubts at the same time.

Imagine someone has a hard time doing something at work and you know how to do it. Isn’t it way quicker to sit right beside that co-worker and help?

Rather than spending time creating a guide to make people understand what you are doing, concern yourself with getting things done and building things that generate more value. Prioritizing working software over comprehensive documentation is important.


A customer-centric point of view is way more important than a contract. Are you able to deliver something really meaningful to your client? Having customer collaboration during the whole process will make your product more significant. Listening to what they have to say and adapt is way better than getting to the end and not meeting client expectations.

Adaption surrounds everything here. It is also important to have a plan, though. Consider what you will do the meet client hopes and whether or not the clients will be more satisfied with your services. The plan will be based on moving toward relevant changes.

Agile Principles

As a reflection of the Agile Manifesto Values, 12 principles were built to represent them. Also, created by the Agile Manifesto, the principles come as a way to show how the team must work, which priorities to focus on and how actions will make them apply Agile within their Software Development team.


Why you should apply Agile in your Software Development Team

More than just a simple framework of project management, Agile Software Development is a way of living. It is how well your team members are applying Agile into their daily routines. Incorporating this spirit in your team is a way to embrace the continuously changing world.

Adapt consciously

Accept the current stage is not an option. Get better, improve faster.

Collaboration within co-workers

Establish better bonding within the company so growing together is a reality, not an exception.


Always think about your client. Always stay a step ahead and listen to what really matters.

Avoid wasteful practices

Improve faster. Make a mistake is not a problem, the issue is not learning how to adapt quickly.

Boost your tracking

Keep an eye on what your team is doing, don’t lose sight of what is going on.

Better results

A better customer experience yields better results. Boost your revenue by focusing on what really matters.

Important Metrics to your Agile Team

Cycle Time

Get more done, much faster. Focusing on the right things will warrant a better cycle time.


Being customer-centric will make your product and service more likable.


Improve your results by focusing on what really matters: customers, adaptation and keeping your eye on the prize.

What are you waiting to apply Agile Software Development and to scale up results?

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