How to Increase Employee Engagement through Technology

Rilind Elezaj
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Technology-based platforms have grown rapidly to become the epicenter of today’s business world. If you are to succeed at anything, you have no option but to increase employee engagement by leveraging the power of technology. In this post, we’ll examine five feasible ways to do so.

Thanks to Software as a Service (SaaS), it is now easy and convenient to create cloud-based workgroups where you and your staff members interact, share information and even sync your confidential data without the fear of data theft. This helps you to not only streamline information, but to also to structure timelines and budgets in order to get the most out of a given project. 

Also, cloud-based workgroups make your supervisor role easy because you are able to maintain communication lines between you and your employees at all times; so giving them instructions and getting their feedback has never been more timely. And because all this happens over the internet, precisely on their precious smartphones, they will never get bored or tired of participating in the workgroup.

Building on the first point, being able to supervise projects from remote locations and being efficient while doing so opens up the possibilities of mobile and remote working. Multiple research has concluded that when employees work away from the office where the boss doesn’t breathe down their necks all the time, their productivity increases significantly. With technology, you are able to work with multiple remote teams, supervise them maximally, but neither you nor they will feel bothered by each other’s presence.

Technology has brought forth the much-important self-service portals that allow employees to access important company data and update data that relates to them. Job evaluations, performance appraisals and a host of other self-services make employees feel supported and valued. You, on the other hand, reduce the work of the company secretaries as part of their work is done through self-service portals. That means that the secretaries get enough time to address more important issues within the company.

Self-service portals also complement performance management tools in a big way. The portal will help you know when an employee is working,  when they are slacking off or when they are late for work. And in the event that you wish to send information to them, you will easily do so by sending personalized messages to individual employees through their respective portals.

Gamification in the workplace has proved time and time again as one of the most effective tools in bringing unity and harmony among employees. As much as you can appreciate your staff by rewarding their performances, there is a part of their human nature that needs a little fun in the office in order to feel valued. Allow employees or different department to compete in a game-like battle, where the winners take the bragging rights for a given period of time, or until they lose.

The game could be a simple task or an entire project. The key here is to encourage group work and indulge in the natural and competitive human nature. And because everyone wants to win, more will be done within a shorter time, and leaders will be nurtured in the process, while strong bonds among employees will be built.

For any company that wishes to remain competitive at the highest level, regular employee training and education is of paramount importance. And thanks to technological advancements, e-learning tools,  virtual classrooms and other blended learning tools, employees can work and learn simultaneously, all the while maintaining a flexible schedule.

As a manager or business owner, the least you can do is take full advantage of all the available learning tools that can be of help to your staff. One way of doing this is making the tools available for all employees. As they drown in their own enthusiasm, speed up in order  to encourage the growth of your engagement with them.

The more you engage with your employees, the more productivity and revenue you get back. As some might be held back by personal problems, rather than office problems, you can use this time to train and become a life coach so that you can help them out whenever they need your advice and guidance.


Written by
Rilind Elezaj
He is an experienced digital marketing specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Elezaj possesses a strong entrepreneurial mindset and has devoted his career to enhancing the sphere of digital marketing. In his methodological approach, Elezaj integrates web development and other digital marketing solutions to create hybrid strategies that bring the best results.

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