What is a Customer Case Study (and why it’s so important)?

It’s more than likely you’ve already read one (or more) customer case study when researching to buy a new product/service. It does in fact sound a lot more reliable to base your decision on someone else’s personal experience than just believing everything a brand has to say about their product/service.

Stop for a moment a think about the last time you made a purchase decision for a new work-related tool. Did you go online and research for information directly from the brand’s website or did you research for actual customer case studies?

It doesn’t really matter whether you’re looking to hire a complex management tool or just buy a new ergonomic keyboard, the opinion of people that have actually purchased and used the product/service you’re looking to buy is a lot more powerful than any advertisement.

Even though marketing methods evolve over time and new alternatives arise every day, the written customer case study remais a reliable, tested and approved way to attract new customers. Among other content format alternatives, customer case studies remain firmly at the top three most influential information types for both small businesses and large enterprises.

A customer case study goes way beyond simple testimonials, though. It’s a factual report of your product/service’s implementation and the actual achieved results. They’re an awesome way to show your prospective customers your product/service’s value through someone else’s words.

Why is a customer case study so valuable?

A case study revolves around showing people real-life examples of how your product/service satisfied your customer’s needs/solved his problems and ultimately helped them achieve their business goals.

The greatest thing about a customer case study is that, if you make it right, it allows you to highlight your successful experiences in a way that’s much more convincing, showing your potential customers all the reasons why they should choose to become actual customers.

Case studies can be interpreted as true statements of how your implementation process works – as well as how well it works. Again, going back to the “if you do it right” part, considering that your study’s documentation is comprehensive enough you may be more than able to convince your prospects about your product’s value while conveying all costs and benefits.

Customer case studies are very beneficial for both your sales team as well as external parties looking for information about specific implementations. Your salespeople can rely on the information on a customer case study to demonstrate to a prospective customer the actual benefits on a case that’s similar to theirs.

As for the inbound value of case studies, considering you’ll make them available on your company website/blog you’ll be making yourself available for all prospect customers independently searching for alternatives for their specific use needs.

You may not be able to reach everyone with a single customer case study – each experience is unique and will be more valuable to a specific group of potential customers but, the more studies you have, approaching different situations and needs, the larger the amount of customers you’ll be able to reach.

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