Pipefy Gets an Upgraded Look

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” —John F. Kennedy

You might have noticed that Pipefy went under the knife for a serious makeover. Although we certainly did grow to love our previous logo and look, it was time for our brand to evolve.

“You know it’s time for a rebrand when the old brand no longer represents the values you want it to communicate, or when it isn’t scaling the way you need it to,” Rodrigo Vaca, Pipefy’s Chief Marketing Officer, said.

So we got to work. And we are pretty excited about what we came up with.  

“The new brand is bold, straight-forward and systematic,” Pipefy Senior Designer, Bradley Hamblin, said. “The way we communicate our brand identity with the logo, messaging, visuals and photography is straight to the point and a better approach to our Lean philosophy of reducing waste, optimization and streamlining processes.”

Hamblin believes the simplicity and cohesiveness of the new design will better resonate with Pipefy’s audience.

“Our goal is to empower managers to become their best and get stuff done,” he said. “The new brand identity is designed to cut through the clutter and represent us as the platform of choice for Lean Managers around the world.”

Design Director Maurivan Luiz said the rebranding represents a new phase of Pipefy.

“It better reveals our position as a Lean company, focused on do-ers,” he said.

Our brand is our personality, and these are the aspects of our personality our brand strives to convey.

Empowering: We love the rush that comes from knowing you’re making progress, getting better and upping your game. The sense of satisfaction that comes from continuous improvement is like no other, and one of our primary goals is to help more people find their groove.

Inspiring: We believe everyone has the ability to drive change and do big things – even if they don’t have a big budget or support from IT. We celebrate the do-ers who are willing to step up, take ownership and move things forward. We strive to inspire people who have the guts to take initiative and make a bigger impact.

Straightforward: We believe simplicity is the key to flow, and that removing excess clutter and busywork allows people to think more clearly and make bigger breakthroughs. We help our customers remove anything that doesn’t deliver value to their customers, whether external or internal. We never want to create ambiguity or confusion, but strive to provide intuitive ways for identifying anything superfluous, while gaining control, staying organized and getting more done.

Systematic: We’re big believers in the Lean Methodology, which is built on the concept of maximizing value while minimizing waste. It’s about doing more with less, which means every choice must be intentional and strategic. We pay close attention to what works and what doesn’t, always looking for patterns and finding ways to eliminate waste and do better.

Human: Our people-centered focus helps us stay grounded, and keeps us humble, open and aware. We’re always listening and learning, and striving to continually improve both our own internal culture and the products we put out to the world.

When considering the types of values we want to share with the world, the changes we made in our branding makes sense.

For example, the new, cleaner interface and other characteristics such as the arrow in the letter “Y,” serve as reminders of our goal to be a straightforward company.

Pipefy’s previous logo was often misinterpreted as a toggle button. It was supposed to represent a pipe with water flowing.

“They went with a pipe because Pipefy connects a lot of processes and areas in our company,” Maurivan said.

However, because this wasn’t obvious to our audience, it was evident that it was not the perfect Pipefy symbol.

Maurivan also believes our change to a serif font reflects the type of personal approach Pipefy aims for.

“It is well-known that the use of this kind of typography can make the product seem more approachable and thoughtful,” he said. “We’re more human right now.”

TL;DR: Pipefy’s got a brand new bag!

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