The History Behind Pipefy

Alessio Alionço

To tell you a little about how we started, I need to share something related to my own history: I created Pipefy because I was an inefficient and frustrated manager.

The Pain

At my last company (a marketplace acquired in 2013), managing our internal workflows was causing us a lot of pain, inefficiency, and losses.

Because of a fragile patchwork of simple spreadsheets, forms, and task management apps, the team didn’t follow the right workflows, suffered from rework and mistakes. If that weren’t enough, every team member had his or her own way of managing and doing their parts of the work.

We needed something to fix that mess and ended up discovering that all options available were too expensive and complex.

If the task management apps were too simple, management systems (custom ERPs and BPMs) were overshot. Beyond license costs, it was required to spend thousands of dollars on IT consultants to customize and implement the solutions. I was forced to use inefficient controls and redo work just because I couldn’t find something easy and affordable to supply our needs.

The Dreamed Solution

A couple of years later thinking about my next company and for all that management nightmare have passed, I decided to create something that every manager could implement and run in minutes, without technical skills. A solution easy and pleasant to use like digging on social networks or playing a game. That’s how and why Pipefy was born, to be an easy button for creating and running efficient processes and workflows.

And now?

Now our mission is to make managers realize that they can improve their quality and efficiency by creating smart processes without complex & expensive systems. There is no more “It’s too early” excuse to start managing with professionalism and efficiency.


Written by
Alessio Alionço
Founder & CEO of Pipefy

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