Pipeline Management Best Practices: Control your Sales Pipeline

Isabelle Wuilleumier Salemme

No matter the type of business you are in, you already know that’s it’s not very often that a client will approach your company and make a purchase at once. The key to sales achievement is to control your sales pipeline. Follow these pipeline management best practices to be on top of it!

Sales Pipeline Management Best Practices

Your company’s sales pipeline ultimately reflects the amount of business that your sales team attempts to close in a given month, quarter, or year. Managing your sales pipeline means you are putting a progression in place to enhance your pipeline. If you manage it well, you will have more sway over your sales numbers.

There are quite a few warning signs that you might not be in complete control of your sales pipeline and how to keep the sales pipeline under control.

When you spend too much time that is meant for other things on administration and reporting, you are definitely missing out on productivity and losing the chance to work on what really matters most that will move your sales forward.

Deals don’t move fast enough from one stage to another. You have lots of opportunities in the sales pipeline but feel that you cannot handle your prospects and sales activities to complete the sales process effectively.

You don’t indicate all your open sales, and as a result, you cannot distinguish your priorities, which is why you are missing out on the most prospective clients.

Not all customers are the same; some might be performing more than others. They have different reasons why they are patronizing you. You will always be better prepared when you have a firm steer on your pipeline and which prospects are most likely to close rather than acting on gut feels.

The best way to keep track of and control what’s going on in your pipeline is to use competent software.

Manage your Sales Pipeline with Pipefy!

Pipefy’s Sales Pipeline Template is a step-by-step process, specially developed to enhance your team’s focus and productivity. It’ll guide them through all the steps of the sale: from prospecting to properly qualifying hot and cold opportunities all the way to effectively closing the deal.

Instead of resorting to fragile spreadsheets or complex and expensive CRM systems, install Pipefy’s free sales template, and run your sales pipeline smoothly and without any concerns.


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Isabelle Wuilleumier Salemme
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