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This template is specially designed to help sales reps manage their leads and move them through the pipeline more efficiently. Using an intuitive kanban view, sales reps can keep track of all prospects and catalog information related to each deal.

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Pipefy's Sales Pipeline Template.

How do you manage a Sales Pipeline using software?

Sales pipeline software enables you to visually track and move leads forward through the sales process using digital technology. By managing your sales pipeline using software you can convert your playbook into something interactive, actionable, and trackable.

Generally pipeline management systems follow a kanban structure that allows you to see what step leads are at currently in the pipeline. This type of visual structure can save sales reps a lot of time by enabling them to keep better track of leads and by using advanced features like automation. However, in order to really take advantage of a sales pipeline software, your team must have a well-defined sales process that is followed and accurately reported on.

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How can you get started on defining your sales process?

The most important thing to remember when defining your sales process is that the goal is to document your current process the way it runs now, not map out an ideal process that isn’t a current reflection of the actions taken.

Why does this matter? The whole point of mapping the sales process is to be able to visually see how things run and where they can be improved using small tweaks. By defining the sales process the way it is now, you aren’t putting expectations on your team to suddenly do things differently. Rather, you get to see how they currently accomplish what they do now clearly laid out in steps.

Step 1: Determine a beginning and an end for your sales pipeline

Choose where a contact or MQL becomes a sales qualified lead and at what point in their contact with the company will they become a part of your sales pipeline.

Step 2: List which actions drive your lead down the pipeline

Now that you know where things start and end, it’s time to list the steps in between: use an action verb to start describing each step/task. You can either stick to the strictly necessary information or choose to go into detail for every action.

Step 3: Note all tasks, decision points, and other related actions

Consider all other actions that are involved in moving leads down the sales process that aren’t necessarily taken by the sales rep. Note any needed approvals, forms, and tasks that are necessary for continuing onto the subsequent step.

Step 4: Check that your process reflects reality

Time to compare your newly documented process to the actions taken in reality. Does what you mapped reflect what your team actually does? Make adjustments if need be.

Tips for improving Sales Pipeline performance


Establish a repeatable process and follow it

The best way to identify what’s most or least effective is by following the same sales process until you find a pattern.


Accurately track and honestly report pipeline numbers

Although inflated numbers may temporarily boost morale, in the long run this only holds reps back from improving.


Clean out your pipeline periodically

There’s no use in cluttering your pipeline with leads that aren’t moving forward. Schedule periodic clearings every few months.


Track the timing of your sales cycle

Define a timeframe for each step of your sales cycle, that way you can better pinpoint bottlenecks and problems when they arise.


Personalize where it counts

Give preferential and personalized treatment to higher-value leads that are the type that are more likely to close.


Automate repetitive tasks

Automate tasks, approvals, and non-personalized emails to save time and focus on higher-value deals.

Why manage your Sales Pipeline in Pipefy?

Pipefy is a powerfully customizable process management software that allows users to build and manage custom processes without IT skills or code. No more forcing your team to fit into a software’s methodology, you can create sales processes that fit your team’s needs.

Pipefy enables you to:

  • Establish SLAs so that follow-ups are done on time
  • Automate repetitive tasks and emails
  • Establish execution standards to keep a tight sales process
  • Track metrics to know who’s performing best and who needs to improve
  • Identify bottlenecks in your sales process
  • Transition smoothly between workflows and connect related processes
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What does a Sales Pipeline Template look like in Pipefy?

Pipefy’s Sales Pipeline Template is made-up of 6 phases: Prospect, Discovery, Proposal, Negotiation, Won, and Lost.

Six phases in Sales Pipeline Template.

The process begins with a phase called Prospect. This where all new opportunities will arrive and sales reps are cued to research into the opportunity. In this phase, you can put all relevant information that is needed to better understand the potential value of this new opportunity, such as company size and the lead value, before moving the card to the next phase.

Prospect from Tea 4 Life in Sales Pipeline

The second phase is the Discovery phase where you will get in contact with the lead and learn more about their needs. Here is where you will determine if the lead is qualified and if they are hot, warm, or cold.

Discovery phase in Sales Pipeline.

By noting the customer’s needs in the Discovery phase you’re not only determining if they are qualified, but you are also providing a valuable record of information for product development.

Now it’s time for the Proposal phase. In this phase you will calendar when the first proposal was sent, set up follow-up reminders, and give an estimate of when you expect the proposal to be approved. You can also attach the proposal for reference and future learning purposes.

Proposal for Durski Burgers in Sale Pipeline.

In the Negotiation phase, mark if the deal was won or lost. When you move the card to either the Won or Lost phases, you can use those spaces for learnings and notes.

Pipefy is easily customizable, and templates are a great way to get started on modeling your perfect process.

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