Sales Pipeline Template

Use this plug-and-play template to get started with Pipefy for Sales Pipeline and customize anything you want along the way

How this template will make your work easier

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Visualize all sales opportunities icon

Visualize all sales opportunities in one place

Create a single database to organize all your potential customers while generating reports to identify your sales’ bottlenecks.

Track team’s performance icon

Track the team’s performance

Gain complete access to all the potential customers your team is working with, control their execution and enhance team performance and conversion rates.

Automate manual activities icon

Automate manual activities

Send customized and automatic emails to nurture all your prospects and stop wasting time on repetitive activities.

Every step to convert the best leads faster and more efficiently

Pipefy helps you keep track of every lead and enables you to follow the best practices to convert them



This is where all new opportunities arrive. Easily input relevant information to better understand the lead’s potential value.

Sample prospect in Sales Pipeline template.



Get in contact with your leads and learn more about their needs to determine if they are qualified or not.

Sample discovery in Sales Pipeline template.



Register when the first proposal was sent, set follow-up reminders and estimate when the proposal should be approved.

Sample proposal in Sales Pipeline template.



Answer customers questions, overcome their objections and negotiate with them until you can close the deal.

Sample negotiation in Sales Pipeline template.

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Companies of all sizes around the world trust Pipefy to help them streamline and take control over their processes. This is one successful story:

African Subsidiary of Top 5 Global Telecom Provider

Manages hundreds of marketing requests per month in Pipefy.

Why they chose Pipefy:

  • To be able to improve consistency of briefing;
  • To manage the approval flows easily;
  • To improve the measurability of work and better report it;
  • To keep stakeholders updated on statuses through notifications.
African Subsidiary manages marketing requests with Pipefy.

Companies that reap the benefits of implementing Pipefy:

Santander, IBM, Volvo, Coca-Cola, KraftHeinz trust in Pipefy.
Integrate Pipefy with your favorite apps via Zapier.

Integrate Pipefy with your favorite tools and apps

Easily enable native apps like Slack, GitHub and Google Hangouts and integrate with hundreds of other tools via Zapier. Or, if you prefer, access our public API, that uses GraphQL data query language that is flexible and returns predictable results.

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