Build powerful Apps on the Pipefy Developers Platform

Arianna Aryel Ramos

Developers can improve their process and add value to the Pipefy community by building powerful products with our well-documented APIs and Apps.

At Pipefy, we aim to make our product more robust and flexible for all users. That’s why we launched the Pipefy Developers Platform, allowing developers to create Apps they need to improve the workflow processes of their team, other teams in their company, and other users in the Pipefy community.

On the Pipefy Developers Platform, developers can build Apps using an easy to learn framework or GraphQL query language, and set-up webhooks to receive event notifications.

Building an App on Pipefy’s Platform

We made our framework intuitive and easy to learn. Developers can quickly pick our sample projects, remix on Glitch, and activate Apps inside their pipe’s organization.

  • Using these framework features developers can:
  • Display or update external data
  • Add feature buttons to their pipe
  • Create new tabs on cards
  • Attach data to cards
  • Open modals, dropdowns, or sidebars
  • Display cards in different view types (ex.: sprint, calendar, kanban, etc.)

The Apps run in iframes in the product, enabling developers to build Apps with any technology, including server-side technologies. The framework also gives Apps access to various product resources by using consistent APIs.

Building on Pipefy’s Platform using GraphQL API

GraphQL API query language is easy to use and allows developers to fetch the exact data they need in a single request. Using GraphQL, developers can build powerful products fast.

Benefits of building with GraphQL:

  • Easy to use
  • Queries return predictable results
  • Enables faster product development

Receive event notifications from Pipefy using webhooks

Webhooks allow developers to register a URL that will be sent relevant information when a triggered event occurs in Pipefy’s Platform.

On the Platform, developers can start building Apps or integrations, make document suggestions, get support in creating add-ons from our community, and (last but not least) expect a billing system in place soon. Find more detailed documentation on the Pipefy Developers Platform to start building products and integrations.

Build powerful process Apps

Improve your processes and add value to the Pipefy community by creating new Apps


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Arianna Aryel Ramos
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