Partner Spotlight: Quandary Consulting Group Leverages Pipefy to Deliver Business Transformation as a Service

Derek Williams

Quandary Consulting Group is a business process consulting company with expertise in low-code and rapid development platforms. Based in Colorado with a global presence and over 30 employees, Quandary diagnoses and alleviates business pain points through technology and enhanced business processes. 

We sat down with Kevin Shuler, CEO and Managing Partner at Quandary, to discuss how Quandary and Pipefy help customers automate manual business processes and streamline their workflows.

Pipefy: Who is Quandary, and what is the company’s history?

Kevin: I’ve been in the low-code space since 2014 helping businesses scale by building better systems that reduce manual tasks. Quandary was created because there was a void in the marketplace for consulting organizations to bridge the gap between business and technology at the level that Quandary provides services. 

We leverage our extensive background in low-code and rapid application development platforms to build lean systems that automate and integrate to ease the pain of growing a business. We do it faster, cheaper, and better than our customers can do it in-house. Our model of assigning resources to projects and accounts based on the clients needs at that time has proven to be extremely effective and drives overall success, as there’s continual improvement. Organizations are complex and changing rapidly with today’s demand for real-time updates and data, so having a partner and a product that understands your business and your needs is key.

Pipefy: How does Pipefy help Quandary solve its customers’ problems?

Kevin: It is often a challenge for organizations to free up IT developer resources and subject  matter experts for business unit processes. Also, these resources generally cannot focus on change management because they are focusing on daily execution. 

Our expertise in low-code application development enables going to market quickly and cost efficiently for any organization to compete at world-class level. We help our customers deploy at a fraction of the cost and go live faster than they thought possible.

Given that Gartner is estimating Citizen Automation and Development (CADP) and Business Process Automation (BPA) platforms will account for 30% of the low-code market by 2025, we feel now is a great time to partner with Pipefy.

Pipefy: What are some of your company’s advantages and challenges when it comes to low-code and business process automation?

Kevin: Digital Transformation is quite the buzzword these days. However, with upwards of 75% of digital transformation initiatives failing, we know that companies cannot just deploy new applications and call it innovation. 

This is why at Quandary we analyze our customers’ workflows and dive in deep with them to find the root cause of inefficiencies in their business. We use these insights to build and deploy custom applications and integrations designed to move data effortlessly between their systems.

We like to distinguish between digital transformation: which focuses on the tools needed to change processes and workflows, and business transformation: which focuses on changing the foundation of how a business functions with a laser focus on organizational change and not just technology for technology’s sake.

Pipefy: Which Pipefy features stand out the most and differentiate the product from competitors?

Kevin: Given we focus on the larger scope of organizational change management aspects of process improvement, the fact that Pipefy is built to handle end-to-end process management, has straightforward automation, and has ample integrations among the various point solutions and systems of records that we see makes it the perfect tool to tie everything together. This is why Pipefy is our Business Process Automation partner of choice.

Pipefy: What are some of the challenges you see in the market that your partnership with Pipefy can solve?

Kevin: The partnership between Pipefy and Quandary will allow businesses to be proactive with the needs of their customers, both internal and external. Quandary’s implementation methodology and project success factors ensure that customers know what they’re getting every time, with an incredible BPA platform powering some of the most creative consultants in the industry. Overall, Pipefy is a tool to empower your business to get more from your customers.

Pipefy: Who is the target audience for our joint solution, and how do they benefit?

Kevin: For now, the partnership will focus on the following processes areas:

  • Procure to Pay Lifecycle, including purchase order automation, invoice automation, and accounts payable automation
  • HR Onboarding 
  • Vendor Onboarding 

Pipefy: Which verticals or segments are the best target companies? Where have you seen success and why?

Kevin: We’ve seen success with enterprise-level clients that have a demand for accurate data in real time. A few segments that have adopted this model are retail, warehousing, data centers, construction project management resources in Real Estate or Finance departments, HR, and procurement resources that have multiple approval or handoffs during an onboarding or payment process. We have seen significant improvements in the processing times. There’s a massive amount of interaction with external vendors and internal stakeholders who rely on real-time data for budgets and timelines. Having an automated workflow to ensure consistent accurate data is flowing to the right people at the right place is paramount to success.

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