5 Ways to Run your Small Business like a Big One


Do you have a small business but want to run it like a big one? We shared five ways to do it. Check out and follow these ideas.

outside_Five Ways to Run your Small Business like a Big One

Kick Your Website Into Shape

Not only should your website reflect your brand’s personality, but it should also look like a million bucks. Usually, the company website is the first interaction you have with your prospective clients. Picture your site as a window into your business. You want the window to open to a great first impression, while effectively communicating your products and services and speaking to your brand’s value proposition. If your site is difficult to navigate, flaunting a juvenile design, riddled in grammatical errors, or lacking in useful resources, you might as well kiss the audience goodbye.

Invest in Social Media

Whichever profiles you decide to utilize: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, etc., be ready to commit to the relationship. Social media must always be up-to-date. Brands that rarely post, or that don’t post with compelling, accurate information are better off taking their sites down. Going along with that, the lack of a robust online presence dissuades clients from doing business with you. Social media sites are the best places to promote your blogs, interact with potential/current customers, connect with industry experts, and naturally, to advertise your brand. Regardless of how small your business is, your company must grab the social media reigns or risk getting left behind.

Implement a Process Management System

Successful large businesses utilize technology to increase their output and streamline their operations. Small businesses typically don’t have the funds to spend thousands on the most high-end equipment existing, but they can get off on the right foot from the get-go by utilizing affordable process management software. Workflow management systems enhance administration in workplaces of any type or size. Understanding employee output, establishing better communication within and among teams, and boasting a collaborative delivery environment can be accomplished with lean, workflow management applications, such as Pipefy.

Attract and Maintain Top Talent

One of the critical components that job seekers are searching for when applying for jobs is positive company culture. A well-developed culture creates an uplifting and secure environment that enables the employee and the company to build a trusting and productive relationship. Applicants want to work for places that practice what they preach, have a strong team morale, reward hard work and that take measures to ensure diversity and inclusion efforts are upheld.

In a small company, it is crucial to be confident you are hiring people who are the right fit for the roles. Frequently, particularly in startups, staff must be able to wear many hats. Never undersell the challenges and responsibilities of a position during the interview process. When an employee feels that a hiring manager has adjusted the previously indicated job description, a hostile work environment can quickly ensue.

Celebrate and Publicize Your Milestones

Wins deserve to be recognized. Don’t become so focused on results that you forget to acknowledge and commend stellar progress and achievements. A celebratory mindset will generate enthusiasm and camaraderie from you and your employees, inspiring more zest on the next project and leading to greater victories to come. Don’t be afraid to share news of triumphs via social media! At Pipefy, we believe showing outward appreciation for our employee’s efforts yields higher performing and more productive workers.

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