Integrate RPA + BPA for Digital Transformation

Benjamin Babb

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

If you’re an RPA solution provider or partner, you know that RPA robots are great at processing structured data and automating mundane and repetitive tasks such as:

  • Logging in to applications and systems
  • Moving files and folders
  • Extracting, copying, and inserting data
  • Completing forms
  • Performing routine analyses and reports

BPA complements RPA for an end-to-end automated workflow

While RPA automates tasks, BPA can help to optimize entire workflows and multiple processes to reduce manual errors and boost overall efficiency. Companies that use BPA software in conjunction with RPA software can:

  • Enable communications among stakeholders
  • Design and automate business workflows in minutes
  • Analyze workflows to identify areas of optimization or modification
  • Increase efficiency and integrate end-to-end operations
  • Collaborate and track a process from start to finish
  • Provide visibility into the details of a process
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Example: Accounts Payable

In a scenario in which a finance department automates an accounts payable workflow with RPA and ERP software, potential gaps may include visibility into accounts and the ability to handle process exceptions or errors.

However, adding a BPA platform to the mix — like Pipefy — provides a solution and a way to address the gaps so that the team can see the details of each account and act on process exceptions or errors right away.

Example: Human Resources

Paid time off (PTO) requests, such as sick leave and vacation requests, are data-intensive, non-complex HR business processes that can and should be automated. Using an RPA tool with a Human Capital Management (HCM) platform is a way to automate PTO requests and approvals, but it cannot address existing communication gaps.

But add Pipefy to this RPA/HCM workflow, and you have a complete solution that provides visibility into each PTO request, one that proactively involves all stakeholders.

How to partner with Pipefy

Pipefy is a low-code/no-code BPA solution in an easy-to-integrate platform, and we can help RPA solution providers expand their solutions and use cases exponentially. You can deliver your expertise to clients in a user-friendly interface, and show them how a BPA+RPA solution can transform the way they automate and manage workflows.

While RPA automates tasks, BPA can help to optimize entire workflows and multiple processes to reduce manual errors and boost overall efficiency.

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Benjamin Babb
Senior Writer at Pipefy, where I focus on helping businesses manage workflows, optimize processes, and deploy automation. I'm also a ghost story aficionado who listens to more Enya than anyone should.

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