Case Study

How James Delivery Attained 134% ROI in 2 Months with Pipefy for Recruiting

About James Delivery

James Delivery is a platform connecting consumers, delivery personnel, and stores to deliver a variety of products 24/7. The company’s mission is to make people’s lives easy and simple. To accomplish that, they expanded from 1 to 25 Brazilian cities in 2019, when they joined Pipefy.


  • Industry: Retail, Technology
  • Business size: 501-1000 employees
  • Department: Human Resources
  • Process: Recruiting and Employee Onboarding

Case overview

The COVID-19 pandemic (and resulting social isolation) caused the demand for delivered products to increase, and James Delivery needed to expand quickly.

Several of James Delivery’s departments were already using Pipefy, so the HR team quickly implemented the platform to help with two main processes: recruiting and employee onboarding.

Nowadays, hiring managers use a standardized online form to create a new job requisition. This requisition advances automatically to the Finance department for approval. Then, after the new employee is hired, the onboarding process starts automatically.

In 2019, James grew exponentially. We went from 18 to 450 employees. The HR team was focused on recruitment and the processes were all manual. We used email messages to inform stakeholders of everything. So, every time new "Jamers" came in, it was a rush to find the right people and provide all of the necessary information.”
Milene Almeida
Business Partner
The greatest Pipefy benefits were improving communication, gaining velocity in the processes, and getting faster returns. Everyone knows at what stage each recruitment is and the HR team doesn’t have to follow up with several people all the time.”
Milene Almeida
Business Partner

Key Results


ROI in only two months of usage


reduced need for recruiters, allowing HR employees to fill in more strategic positions


positive feedback from candidates and new employees on recruitment and onboarding processes