Case Study

How JazzHR Put the “Human” Back in HR With Process Automation

About JazzHR

JazzHR is a recruiting software company built to help growing businesses find and hire the right talent faster. Its applicant tracking system streamlines the entire candidate-to-employee journey.

Since 2009, JazzHR has helped thousands of teams source over 94 million qualified candidates. JazzHR is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


  • Industry: Recruiting software
  • Company Size: 100+
  • Department: HR
  • Processes: Employee Requests, Recruiting, Onboarding, Offboarding

Case overview

JazzHR’s mission is to help small and mid-sized businesses across all industries exceed their recruiting goals. JazzHR’s software empowers teams to build custom hiring processes that meet their unique recruiting needs.

In late 2019, JazzHR decided it was time to optimize its own internal HR processes. The company’s HR department needed a scalable system that focused on operational process management rather than just data storage. For this, JazzHR partnered with Pipefy to resolve internal HR process disruptions, like siloed duties, compliance risks, and human errors caused by manual data entry.

After implementing process automation rules, the company’s HR team was able to streamline the employee lifecycle from recruiting and onboarding to benefits and payroll, as well as  communication with internal stakeholders.

Since partnering with Pipefy, JazzHR’s process automations have benefited the entire organization by reducing compliance risks and enhancing cross-functional collaboration. Their HR department is now able to reinvest its time back into more strategic, interpersonal activities, like checking in with individual team members, coaching managers, and focusing on DEI initiatives.


qualified candidates sourced


partnerships with industry-leading solutions


customer retention rate

Pipefy is a comprehensive process automation solution — rather than just a tool that provides data storage. It seamlessly blended into our process with a minimal learning curve. With the Kanban board, Pipefy took a familiar framework and added automation and operationalization in a way that I can administer on my own. It wasn’t long before we saw results as we transitioned from a very unsophisticated setup to Pipefy. With automation right out of the gate, it created instant lift. I didn’t need to hire an implementation team, and I didn't need to go to engineering to make something change.
Corey Berkey
SVP of Human Resources

Key Results


active processes automated


reduction in onboarding time


forms for internal requests