Case Study

How VTEX Scaled Their Onboarding Program for ~300 Employees

About VTEX

The multinational company VTEX is currently part of a select group of over ten unicorn startups from Brazil. They are present in over 46 countries and provide services for over 2,500 customers. They encourage businesses to launch marketplaces by developing platforms for collaborative commerce and connecting retailers, brands, and B2B manufacturers.


As a leader in collaborative commerce, VTEX provides numerous sales management tools to help companies prepare for the future. With the accelerated growth of 140% in 2020, VTEX has tripled in size since 2017. The company currently has over 1,300 employees and more than 300 open positions.


  • Industry: Technology
  • Company size: 1k to 5k employees
  • Department using Pipefy: Human Resources
  • Process: Employee Onboarding

Case overview

With a growing number of new employees, managing an entire onboarding process became increasingly complex for the VTEX team. From welcome emails to receiving new employees, the team used to complete the whole flow manually, requiring a large and diligent workforce.

In August 2020, the company realized these manual processes needed to migrate to an automated solution to scale up. After mapping their entire flow, VTEX started using Pipefy, secure platform hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), to manage the employee onboarding process.

VTEX quickly implemented their processes with high-value features in Pipefy. Their first goal was to collect all information and documentation necessary to hire and onboard new employees through an intuitive and error-proof form shared through a web link. After standardizing the input fields, VTEX accomplished automating several steps of the onboarding process, like sending automatic emails for new employees and automatic notifications for other teams involved in the onboarding process — such as IT and facilities, for example.

“Our teams can see how many employees will start on a certain date, and this makes it even easier to control inventory and schedule deliveries. So everything is set when the new employee arrives.”
Neila Nascimento
Tech Recruiter at VTEX.
“The modernization process has brought improvements not only for us, but also for the first impressions about the company. Making new employees feel welcome is crucial to make them feel at home.”
Neila Nascimento
Tech Recruiter at VTEX.

Key Result


employees successfully onboarded in nine months of usage