The new development platform for agile teams.

Track stories in burndown charts, integrate natively with popular dev tools and plan sprints in a single platform designed for software teams.

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Fully integrate with your favorite apps.

Integrate with popular apps

Fully integrated with your favorite development tools.

Leverage event-based automation

Automatically assign tasks and stories to team members.

Track your Epics

Display stories and track progress with burndown charts.

Powerful and Flexible GraphQL API

Use query language that enables powerful developer tools.

Github Integration

  • Manage all pull requests directly in Pipefy.
  • Send notifications of Github updates to team members.
  • Prioritize pull requests using a Kanban board.

Customize your view

Set-up workflows with your favorite view for optimal productivity.

Sprint view: Visualize all tasks by their current story and easily track each story’s progress.

Kanban view: Easily see everything your team is working on and what needs to get done.

Sprint Planner

  • Customize the workflow process for your agile team
  • Automate regular sprint planning meetings and reviews
  • Track individual and team story progress

Pipefy’s App Platform

  • Build powerful apps using an intuitive framework
  • Leverage GraphQL API to build new apps fast
  • Customize your process and add to the community
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Slack Integration

  • Receive project notifications in Slack
  • Stay up to date with what your team is doing
  • Direct alerts to private or public channels


All the fundamentals you need to begin workflow controls.

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Recommended for up to10 users

Other plans

Manage your stories with sprint view

Manage your pull requests with Github, BitBucket or Gitlab.

Get notified on Slack about your stories and tasks.

Extend your workflow with apps or create your own app.