Customer Case

Capgemini’s Order-to-Cash Case Study

How Capgemini Automated Order-to-Cash Processes for a Multinational Beverage Corporation with Pipefy


About Capgemini

Capgemini is a global leader in consulting, technology services, and digital transformation. It partners with companies to transform and manage their business by harnessing the power of technology. Nowadays, Capgemini operates in nearly 50 countries and has more than 270,000 employees.


As part of Capgemini Frictionless Finance offering, AI.Receivables, Capgemini implemented Pipefy as a workflow tool structure to standardize, digitize email communications and streamline approval workflows for a multinational beverage corporation.

The Order-to-Cash processes include collections, cash applications, and service desks. Pipefy gave managers high-level visibility and comprehensive data to manage operations. The platform also allowed the team to automate triage and routing email queries, focusing the team’s time more effectively.


  • Industry: Food and Beverages
  • Company Size: 10,000+
  • Process Vertical: Finance, Customer Service
  • Teams using Pipefy: Order-to-Cash team
"Pipefy was a key partner in establishing a clean workflow process for our beverages customer, even participating in the impact assessment sessions helping to identify improvement opportunities since day 1.”
Mario Alvarado, Capgemini Operations Manager

Before Pipefy

  • Email queries were received in 20 generic mailboxes, some emails didn’t get answered for weeks
  • Manual process to categorize and assign queries
  • No summary or segmented data on queries 
  • Extended approval process through emails with an average of 25-day turnaround time

After Pipefy

  • Email queries received from 20 mailboxes are routed into Pipefy and automatically assigned an SLA based on the query type


  • Pipefy’s automation engine receives inbound email queries and automatically categorizes and assigns them to team members


  • Automated email templates ensure consistent and timely communication with requesters


  • A proactive process with automated escalations


  • Real-time reporting with operational metrics and segmented data


  • Streamlined approval process with less than 48 hours turnaround time
"We are able to proactively act on critical items thanks to the automation and escalation capabilities of the tool, so we are not just reacting anymore and the client has recognized and acknowledged such improvement.”
Mario Alvarado, Capgemini Operations Manager

Key Results


reduction on escalations to the client since Pipefy was implemented (previously averaged 10-15 escalations monthly)


improvement in first-call resolution rate


decrease in average turnaround time for approval workflows (25 days → less than 48 hours)


improvement on Critical SLA for customer satisfaction


Extract pipe data into Power BI to create management dashboards