Admin Control

Manage user permissions


Manage user permissions using the admin role


At Pipefy you can manage permissions using the admin role. Your pipe’s permissions are not directly related to your Team’s permissions. Each pipe’s permissions can be managed separately, allowing you to choose who will have access to each of your Pipes. Restrict access to protect sensitive information.

The ‘Members’ page consists of an overview of members in your pipe, and the role they have. These are the four possible roles in pipes:

  • Guest users – Can only access your Pipe’s Start Form (to create Cards);
  • Users with Restricted View – Can create new cards in a pipe, but are only able to view/edit cards that they’ve been assigned to or have created;
  • Member – Can create new cards and access the pipe’s existing cards to edit and move them through a Pipe;
  • Admin – Has full access to the pipe and is able to edit all the Pipe settings.

Admin control and user rules is an Enterprise feature.

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