Case Study

How CNH Industrial Digitized Their Employee Experience with Pipefy

From 15+ disparate systems to a single platform to centralize all HR processes.

About CNH Industrial

C​NH Industrial is a global manufacturer of industrial machines, from tractors and combines to trucks and buses, to marine vehicles. The company is based in London, England, owns 12 brands, and employs over 60,000 individuals in 180 countries around the world.


  • Industry: Machinery
  • Company size: 60k+ employees
  • Department using Pipefy: People Ops
  • Processes in Pipefy: Recruiting, Employee Onboarding, Hiring, Reimbursement, HR Requests, Payroll, Covid-19 Health Check, and many more

Case overview

CNH Industrial’s People Ops team has undergone a period of digital transformation that began in 2019. Back then, the People Ops department used over 15 different systems for specific needs in sub-departments like recruiting, training, and payroll. 

The lack of integration between multiple specialized systems held back the efficiency of the department and the employee experience on each interaction with the People Ops team, like new hires or in simple vacation and benefits requests. The CNH human resources team was forced to manually input, store, and communicate information through email or on paper. Open position requests, for example, took months to be approved because they lacked a standardized flow. Copious amounts of information were lost during back-and-forth communication.


In 2019, Diogo Ayres, alongside other service delivery teammates, started the Talent Flow program to deliver better services with less complexity. 

They chose Pipefy as the platform to support their Talent Flow initiative to change their workflows. The friendly UI, multiple no-code automation options, integration capabilities, and customization possibilities all play an important role in empowering their People Ops team to build and support improved processes and experiences — now with much more ownership and flexibility than their former, more traditional methods.


The talent acquisition journey was among the first processes they implemented with Pipefy. From opening position requests to officially hiring and onboarding new employees, CNH was ready to digitize their HR processes with Pipefy.

Shortly after implementing Pipefy, the Covid-19 pandemic began and CNH’s digital transformation process became even more important for the People Ops team. They started to digitize many processes like their Covid-19 health check, working hours reduction form, expense reimbursement requests, and employee mood survey — providing a self-service HR experience for all employees. Today, CNH now has over 100 active HR processes managed in Pipefy.

Nowadays, instead of using over 15 different tools, I can teach any person within our People Ops organization how to use Pipefy and they can use it for almost any process. With Pipefy, we can provide a seamless and consistent experience for employees and candidates.
Diogo Ayres
Service Designer at CNH Industrial

Key Results


hours saved monthly through automation, representing 22.5 full-time employees working hours.


active processes running in Pipefy

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