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Service providers are overwhelmed
with repetitive information

Laura is responsible for the purchasing department at Acme company. Every day she gets emails and phone calls from current and potential suppliers in search for information such as:

• Contract updates
• New supplier registration
• Feedback to the company

And even though she tries to make all this information easily accessible to them, the same questions keep coming repeatedly.


Requesters want an easy way
to create new demands

Joseph works at Acme’s office equipment main supplier. Whenever he needs to review their services with Acme, he needs to call Laura or email her to figure out how to proceed:

• How do I update our contract?
• Where do I register to be your supplier for other services?
• I have feedback. Who do I talk to?

And even though Joseph tries to save all of this information in emails, notes and even on his browser, it’s not centralized, so he keeps losing it and needs to ask Laura again for the same instructions.

The solution for everyone is simple:

Pipefy Portals

With Pipefy Portals, it’s possible to organize requests and additional information (such as rules, specific dates, required documents, and other details), making them readily available in a single place, so stakeholders can find request forms quickly and easily, no longer struggling to create demands.


Customize your layout

Imagine you work in the HR department of a company. Your Portal could be set up like this:


Know more about Portals

Want go deeper and get started building you own Portals? This article will give you further information and this quick tutorial will show you how to create, update, and share new Portals.

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