Ditch inefficient emails and spreadsheets for a connected P2P

Centralize all P2P steps in a single place to create end-to-end efficiency and visibility. Pipefy's procure-to-pay software connects and tracks all P2P steps, from requisitions to payments to everything in between.

Pipefy's procure-to-pay (p2p) software
procure-to-pay (p2p) complete flow with all steps of the process

Efficient P2P workflows ready in minutes, insights in seconds

Need a more efficient purchase or contract management process? Want to process data fast? Get there in one click. Describe what you need and let Pipefy AI create and analyze workflows for you. Maximize buying power, gain visibility, and achieve greater savings for a more strategic operation.

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Pipefy's procure-to-pay software builds end-to-end efficiency

Learn how Samsonite achieved error-proof P2P and 177% ROI with Pipefy

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Pipefy has helped us to simplify supplier registration and payment. Nowadays, we have a single platform with approval flows, standardized and well-defined forms that made it much easier for us to work in our daily routine.
Tercio Silva
Agency Accounting Expert Analyst at ONE Ocean Network Express
Pipefy gives us the control we need to ensure everyone abides by our rules and policies. It also creates an easily accessible trail for future audits. And the automated alerts notify necessary parties when one stage in the process is complete and the next can begin.
Mauricio Rizzi
Customer Service and Procurement Manager at Samsonite
I needed a complete solution in order to have it approved by the company. We needed a tool that was no-code, user-friendly, and could be adapted to each department of Loja Elétrica.
Gabriel Chammas
Controllership Coordinator at Loja Elétrica

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