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What is Pipefy?

Pipefy allows managers to control complex tasks without depending on the IT department to quickly automate processes, workflows and approvals. Companies in more than 150 countries utilize our unique platform to better the process management flow.

We want your team to be more effective and more lean. As a visual task manager, Pipefy displays your work in cards that can be labeled, filtered, prioritized and/or assigned to a member. This effectively eliminates the “what are they working on?” question, the “where in the process is the project?” question, the “was my expense report approved?” question and countless other inquiries you spend precious time pondering about, or worse, forgetting. Using the intuitive and convenient Kanban Method you can follow up on performance reports, unveil greater transparency among the teams and better connect all processes. Our software puts the proven benefits of lean management within easy reach, by enhancing agility, upgrading efficiency and delivering augmented customer value through optimization of workflows, granting higher quality outcomes.

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Easy set-up | SLA tracking | Automation

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Pipefy is perfect for managers in:

  • • Human Resources: Standardizing the recruiting, vacation (time-off), refunds, payment, position opening, hiring and firing processes, as well as any others.
  • • Sales: Customer, after-sales, request follow up, sales bottlenecks, etc.
  • • Administrative and finance: Flow of approvals, financial management, task and team management and so on.
  • • Purchasing: Product acquisition, supplier hiring, in-house solicitations and requests, maintenance, etc.
  • IT tickets: Easy-to-understand, standardized help desks and service desks, both in-house as well as by the solicitor.
  • • Marketing: Management of campaigns, layout and graphic design requests, remake controls, request standardization, customer satisfaction surveys and more.

Intuitive platform

Creating processes is easy using our intuitive interface. Team members quickly adapt and learn how to utilize features to their advantage.

Kanban view

Keep track of all your team’s activities using visual representations of work that need to be done at every step of the process.

Fast deploy

With our no-code platform there’s no need to involve IT. Deploy fast and get started right away with customizable process templates.

Low-code and native app Integrations

Easily integrate with legacy systems, native apps, or choose from over 500 apps via Zapier integrations.

Easily customizable

Create and build-on processes for customized management of all your team’s activities.

Centralization of data/requests

Centralize all communications and tasks. Add new assignments, items, or requests to your pipe via multiple channels.

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“Pipefy revolutionized the way we see and build our processes at Accenture. Its flexibility and ease of use made us improve our productivity and quality of delivery in several processes and projects we manage.”


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“The typical lifecycle for a product is four months in terms of design... Pipefy modeled a workflow in a matter of 15 to 20 minutes.“

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  • Trusted by companies that want results

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Pipefy works with over 1000 websites and apps via Zapier

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Easy set-up | SLA tracking | Automation

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