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Our software helps you manage procurement processes from enforcing operational procedures to strategically evaluating suppliers.

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Incorporate end users and suppliers in your process

With features like customizable public forms and email templates you can equally require and share information with third parties involved in your procurement process. No more digging through email threads, all information can be viewed on our intuitive interface or stored in our secure database.


Enforce procedures and timely execution of tasks

Using our software you can formalize RFx and internal processes, track SLAs, and use automation to improve efficiency. Enforce procedures by using features like field conditionals, mandatory fields, and approval flows.

Use data to show and create more value Title Block

Keep information and data easily accessible and digestible in our software by leveraging different task views, advanced reports, and our database. Create more value by using data to make better deals.


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Streamline procurement processes end-to-end

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