pipefy free accounts payable template

Accounts Payable Template


Pipefy’s Free Accounts Payable Template allows your company to have a centralized and integrated channel for all your payment requests. Make your financial department’s life a lot easier with this simple to use, intuitive and free template.


Process template by Team Pipefy

Why use the Accounts Payable Template?

  • Unifies all your payment requests/expenses pending payment in one place
  • Ensures that all requests are filed with the required information for them to be taken care by the financial department
  • Allows you to track all the steps of the process, ensuring all requests will go through the necessary screening and approvals before payment

Accounts Payable Start Form

  • Company name
  • Amount due
  • Product/service
  • Invoice (attachment)



This is where all incoming invoices arrive – screen and assign them to the person responsible for authorising their payment.


Verify all the information on the invoice – what’s being purchased, amount, prices and the real need for the expenses,


Approved payments waiting to be processed. Determine the preferred payment method and date.


Processed payments, all done!

Cancelled Payments

Rejected payments.