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Stop missing payment deadlines

Gain full visibility of all your bills, so your financial team never misses a due date again. This way, you avoid delay penalties and human-related errors.

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Build trust with

Honoring your payment terms with suppliers helps build trust. Trust can lead to a positive working relationship that evolves toward better products, discounts and consistent inventory.

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Make payment requests simple and easy

Make requesters lives and you own easier by creating a culture around the importance of payable optimization and aligning employees around the bigger picture of fueling growth.

Every step to manage your company’s bills impeccably

Pipefy helps you build an Accounts Payable process with quality, ensuring that everything runs according to your standards.


Payment requests

All new payment requests arrive here, complete with the employee’s identification, purchase details and attachments.

Example of a new invoice for payment requests.


Awaiting payment due date

Keep approved payments that need to await their designated due dates here.

Sample of awaiting payment due date;



During this step, you can add payment information and control the bills that need to be addressed that day.

Sample of payment's phase.



Here you will find the archive for all complete payments.

Sample of paid's phase.


Canceled payment

If your payment was canceled for any reason, register why and archive it here.

Sample of canceled payment.

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Companies of all sizes around the world trust Pipefy to help them streamline and take control over their processes. This is one successful story:

Global Wireless Service Operator

Manages internal and external requests inside Pipefy.

Why they chose Pipefy:

  • To maintain standardized, automated forms for information capture;
  • Because the entire process is centralized in one tool;
  • To ensure quick, independent implementation;
  • Because it’s easy to use, which generates great team adoption.
Global Wireless Service Operator uses Pipefy to manage requests.

Companies that reap the benefits of implementing Pipefy:

Santander, IBM, Volvo, Coca-Cola, and KraftHeinz's logos
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Start changing the reality of your Accounts Payable Process with Pipefy today