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Pipefy enables you to visualize your entire process, so that no information is lost in the shuffle.

With Pipefy you will be able to…

Team connected to each other.

Control your process

When you have all your demands in the same place with simple visualization, you make fewer mistakes and experience less delays, while productivity and assertiveness skyrockets.

SLA Tracking

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Standardize requests

Define what information your internal client needs to offer you and never again waste your team’s time quoting or purchasing the wrong supplies.

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How automation works at Pipefy.

Focus on what adds value

Repetitive tasks should be easily automated, so you can focus on what matters: that your company is well-provided with the best supplies.

Conditional Logic

Improve your team’s productivity with Pipefy

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Solutions to guide your purchase team to their goals

Kanban View

Visualize all purchase requests in one place

With Kanban view, you have a clean view of who is doing each task, the phase it’s currently in and how long each step is taking.

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Kanban view on Pipefy's platform.

Start Form

Error-free requests so your clients get what they wanted

You get to decide which fields your form will have and how your requesters will fill them out. That way, there are no surprises or wrong quotations.

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How to create your start form.
How automation works to change status.


Easily delegate requests for approval

With Pipefy’s automations, you set the rules. For example, if you want it so that every request above a pre-determined value is assigned to a specific team member to approve, it’s simple and will save you a lot of time.

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