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Digital workflows for error-proof purchasing operations

Standardize and automate your business processes to gain full control and visibility of your purchasing and procurement operations.

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Transform your procurement operations with digital workflows

Ensure that requisitions and purchase orders are being processed quickly and accurately. Create no-code automation to increase efficiency and reduce risk of human error. Integrate Pipefy with your accounting software or other legacy tools to scale your operation.

Complete, trackable purchase requests

Build standard forms to ensure accurate information and enable requesters to keep track of their request status

Integrated and automated purchasing software

Create smart integrations and no-code automation to ensure fast and accurate deliveries

Visual and accurate finance results

Track purchasing spends, PO cycle time, and other KPIs in visual dashboards to drive process optimization

Orchestrate procurement operations with smart integrations

Integrate Pipefy with your ERP and accounting software to extend your finance process reach and minimize the risk of human error. Schedule payments, control your spending in real-time, and predict your cash flow — all from a single place.

Connect Pipefy to your favorite software with ease

Pipefy Case Study

Here's how Samsonite uses Pipefy Finance for error-proof Purchasing

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