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Don’t let the home office drop your team’s productivity. Pipefy is the collaborative work tool that keeps everyone in the loop for every process.

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Pipefy clients: Santander, IBM, Volvo, Coca-Cola and KraftHeinz

Working from home can be tough

Whether it is a temporary or a permanent situation, remote teams face challenges that can lead to low productivity, miscommunication, and delays.

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But there is a better way

Pipefy helps your team communicate and stay organized with efficient workflows—even remotely.

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Keep your team in the loop

For managers, using Pipefy means to have full visibility into what your team is doing. For team members, it means having all the information they need centralized in one place.

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How to use Pipefy for remote work

Pipefy Public Form

Public forms

Public forms allow anyone to submit requests from wherever they are, even if they’re not Pipefy users.

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Card comment sections

Comments help your team to inform and document details, changes, and information.

Pipefy automation


Automation saves time and keeps the team productive on what really matters, instead of focusing on repetitive tasks.

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Our goal is to empower our users to start working remotely as soon as possible, with maximum quality and efficiency.

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Why customers love Pipefy

We have teams in 14 offices around the world. Especially now with COVID-19, if it weren’t for Pipefy, we would certainly be struggling much more to find a way to manage our processes. Pipefy structures our daily work and gives us the visibility of how each campaign is running. Having this real-time communication is essential for us since we’re not physically connected.

Dennis Pekel
Global Director of Operations | JustPremium

The most important problem that Pipefy solves is in communication. I can input information from wherever I am and someone at our office can roll on the processes without even calling me or e-mail me.

Mateus Eulampio
Founder | Opportunity Maker

Here’s how you can use Pipefy to manage your remote work