Purchase Process Template


Pipefy’s Purchase Process Template is a simple and efficient workflow system, designed to centralise your team’s purchase requisitions.

With its linear phase view, this template allows procurement teams to accompany all phases of the purchase process: from opening the request, passing through approvals and quotations and ending when the products are received and verified properly.

Process template by Team Pipefy

Why use the Purchase Process Template?

  • Keeps all your purchase requisitions neatly standardised and centralised in one place
  • Ensures all the information needed to proceed to the next phases – such as quotations and approvals – is appropriately provided and unified in one place
  • All the requisitions are centralised, allowing for better organisation and prioritisation according to the company’s needs and resources available
  • Offers a simple timeline view of all the requisitions and their respective status, allowing for easy reporting

Purchase Process Start Form

  • What needs to be purchased/hired?
  • What’s your name?
  • What’s your email?
  • What is the urgency of this purchase?
    • Critical
    • Top urgency
    • Medium urgency
    • Low urgency
    • Unknown



This is where all purchase requests arrive – analyze the real need for this purchase.


Time to ask for quotations for the requested item! Meet your company’s internal customer needs.


These are all the requests pending puchase approval.


Product/service awaiting to be purchased.


Guarantee the quality of the purchased items/service provided. Evaluate the aspects on the provided checklist.


Done and done! Finalized requests, received goods!


Old and denied requests…