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Accounts Receivable Template


Pipefy’s Free Accounts Receivable Template allows your company to have a single standardized channel so all your company’s departments may request invoices to be charged.

Process template by Team Pipefy

Why use the Accounts Receivable Template?

  • Centralizes all your billing requests in one place
  • Ensures that all billing requests are filed with the required information for proper follow up conditions
  • Allows you to track all the steps of the process, ensuring all billings are properly taken care of (with more than one attempt, if necessary), all payments are checked and the confirmations are forwarded to the requesting departments

Accounts Receivable Start Form

  • Company name
  • Amount due
  • Service/product
  • Invoice (attachment)


1st Billing Attempt

We have already issued an invoice for our product/service, now it’s time to determine the payment method and date and notify the customer.


Was the payment received within the pre-determined conditions?

2nd Billing Attempt

If the payment wasn’t confirmed on the first attempt, follow the instructions to proceed and get in touch with the customer,

Payment Confirmed

Done! Money in your pocket.

Payment Denied

Rest in peace…