Software Deployment


Pipefy’s Software Deployment Template was designed to help the deployment of new software and updates through clear and agile processes, granting efficiency, safety and more importantly, the success of the software release.

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Template structure

See how this template is structured. As this is just an example, you can customize it

Start form

  1. Requesting person
  2. Type of deployment
    • Software deployment
    • Update
  3. Software name
  4. Release dates
  5. Details about the deployment

Information gathering
Cards awaiting the gathering of the necessary information for the release.

  1. Software source code
  2. Code version
  3. Release notes
  4. Is the server that will host the new release working properly?
    • The server is up and running.
    • The server presented issues that may cause inconsistency in the new software.
  5. Changes report
  6. Test environment configuration
    • The test environment is properly configured for the new software testing.
    • The test environment presented issues.
    • The test environment has not yet been configured.

Software testing
Cards waiting the confirmation that the software is ready for the release.

  1. Deployment of the software to the test environment
    • The software has been deployed to the test environment and worked without problems.
    • he software was tested and presented problems.
  2. Report of the software on the testing environment
  3. Test result
    • The software was approved in the testing phase and is ready to be deployed.
    • The software was not approved and is not ready for deployment.
  4. Notes about the test

Cards waiting for live release!

  1. Copy the software to the production environment
    • The new software is merged into the production environment.
  2. Database check for the new software
    • The database is ready for the deployment.
    • There are still scripts that needs to be run.
  3. Deployment of the software live
    • The software has been released and is now on the live version of the site.
    • The software has not been released.
  4. Live version testing
    • The live release of the software has been tested.
  5. Release report

Software released!

Software not released

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